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Brew the difference.  Premium coffee - fresh from our roaster.  Tea and Cocoa options will be available soon.  

Mission Statement: Armed with an arsenal of organic and fair trade options of coffee as well as tea and cocoa, we are fueling the opportunity to percolate your own dreams. Java Momma is brewing a strong community one sip at a time.

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Coffee Talk

Mug of the Month - say WHAAAAAAA?!

Mug of the Month - say WHAAAAAAA?!

Momma's Picks is so popular that Java Momma wanted to bring you something to put those coffees in.  So we bring you the Mug of the Month!  Full of snark and sarcasm, our Mug of the Month collection will be sure to please even the biggest attitude.  All those fun...

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Changing lives, making a difference

Changing lives, making a difference

We have something life changing to bring to you today.  Up-cycled artisan crafts from Nicaragua.  Java Momma has partnered with a global non profit organization to bring you some of the finest products you will see, those of which are intertwined with deep love and faith. These artisans turn unused...

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New January Momma's Picks!

New January Momma's Picks!

Did you know Java Momma has a subscription box?  AND you can just order one?  It's called Momma's Picks. I KNOW!  It's SO EXCITING!!!!  You get three awesome limited edition coffee flavors PLUS a neat-o gift.   If you subscribed in November for the December Box (which ships today), you will...

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Subscription Boxes

Momma's Picks - Available NOW!

Subscribe to a monthly flavor box with Java Momma.  It's called Momma's Picks.

Three 1/2 lbs of seasonal, limited edition flavors.  This month's flavors are 

Frosty's Favorite - this sugar cookie flavor is mouth watering!

Candy Cane - peppermint infused coffee.  YUM!

Gingerbread Eggnog - if you're a fan of the ol' yuletide treats, you'll LOVE this coffee.

Your coffee is hand packed in our custom Java Momma box - with love, and some extra coffee goodies inside every month!

Order your Momma's Picks TODAY!