White Peony Tea - Java Momma
Java Momma White Peony Tea
Light floral and sweet melon notes accent this delicate-tasting tea. This tea contains a low level of caffeine | Steep at 180° for 3 minutes. Grown only for one season in Fuding, the hometown of white teas, White Peony is made of unopened leaf buds and the two youngest, most tender top leaves. They undergo natural oxidation in the sun, which contributes to the plush melon flavor and rounded mouth feel typical of Fujian Province white teas. The leaf buds and leaves, called Pai Mutan or Bai Mu Dan in Chinese, translate to Peony. For a lovely, entertaining tea experience, brew in a glass cup or glass to view the leaves and buds unfurling. A great way to appreciate the color of the infusion. 1 ounce bags  
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