Java Momma is proud to offer fundraising opportunities to our customers. Please read the fundraising guidelines below for more information and to see if our fundraising is a good match for your cause.

Guidelines for Fundraising:

Fundraising with Java Momma is not for personal financial gain. Fundraisers are for goodwill and community building. Approval for a fundraiser is based on how your intended fundraiser fits our criteria. All approved fundraisers must have either a 501 c3 or 503 c status or be recognized by the IRS as a charity or nonprofit. (This does not guarantee approval.)

Examples of approved fundraisers include, but are not limited to: disaster relief, nonprofit fundraising, and school fundraising for classroom supplies, sports equipment, etc. Additionally, all approved fundraisers must have a corresponding Java Momma Barista as a sponsor and point of contact.

Fundraising Procedure:

Upon approval, Java Momma will provide you with a custom fundraising site link. You share this link and collect orders for your cause. We will also email the sponsoring Barista a fundraising packet that includes descriptions of coffee and a customer order form so that manual orders can also be collected.

The Customer Order Form is solely for the use of the barista and/or benefiting organization to capture orders and contact information. Java Momma will not deal with any customer information past the point of the benefiting organization, therefore, this form is not to be returned to Java Momma. Additionally, the Customer Order Form is an added tool from Java Momma; Barista’s and benefiting organizations are not required to use the form and can choose to process all orders via their site.

Fundraisers will run for three weeks from the start date. Orders that have chosen to ship to the fundraising headquarters will then be prepared and shipped. Orders that have chosen to be shipped directly to their address will be prepared and sent as they are received.

Fundraising procedure and distribution are up to the discretion of the Barista and/or benefiting organization.

At this time, Fundraisers include half-pound bags of coffee with regular and decaf options available. There is a 20 bag minimum for each fundraiser.

Cost per 1/2 pound bag: $15

The organization receives: $5.00 per bag

Java Momma will charge the full $15 per bag of coffee sold. When the fundraiser is finalized, Java Momma will send the benefiting organization a check containing the fundraiser's profit.

Below is an example of a private custom label:

*Java Momma reserves the right to approve or deny fundraiser requests for any reason. Java Momma will review requests and email the Barista with the approval or denial of the fundraiser. Please refer to the Java Momma Fundraiser Guidelines for fundraiser guidelines. If approved, Java Momma will email you with an order form. The order form is for documentation of the product order for Java Momma Home Office. It is not intended to capture customers' names, contact information, or orders. You will also receive a form for capturing customer orders and contact information. This will not need to be returned to Java Momma. The form is for fundraiser use only.

Also, fundraising with Java Momma is not for personal financial gain. Any Barista thought to misuse Java Momma Fundraising could be subject to disciplinary action. (See Guidelines.)

If Java Momma has questions about the fundraiser, Java Momma will contact the Barista before a decision is made.

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