Gorgeous Burlap Coffee Sack Craft Ideas

Gorgeous Burlap Coffee Sack Craft Ideas - Java Momma

Being a coffee roasting company, you won't be surprised to find out that we end up with a lot of burlap coffee sacks. The great thing is that these sacks can be reused for tons of fantastic purposes. If you're inspired to make some of these great crafts or even come up with your own, we have plenty of sacks available for you to use in your crafty undertakings.

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Ready for some inspiration? Here are some of our favorites!

Recycled Hessian Bag Planter Pots

Old coffee bags are the garden hero you didn’t know you needed. Strong, lightweight, breathable, biodegradable—these bad boys are perfect for DIY planter pots. Slice up one hessian sack, and you’ve got multiple pots for your veggies, herbs, or flowers. Plus, they make a fantastic alternative to those boring raised beds.

Got a bigger plant or a small tree? Jute bags to the rescue! Fill 'er up with the right potting mix, plant your tree smack in the center, and let the hessian work its magic. It allows free drainage while keeping the soil moist. When it’s time to move to the garden, plant the whole thing, bag and all. No root disturbance here! Just remember, the base might biodegrade in about two months, so if you plan to move it later, pop a flat piece of wood underneath for easy lifting.

DIY Jute Tote Bag

Turn those hessian coffee sacks into a fabulous tote bag. Perfect for a newbie sewer, and you’ll end up with a strong, durable bag that’s ready for shopping trips, beach days, or just to show off. One coffee sack is all you need—cut it into 2 large and 3 small pieces, add some handles, and you’re good to go. For that polished look, add a lining with linen, cotton, or canvas. This will keep your stuff safe from stray fibers. Whip out your sewing machine, and in a few hours, you’ve got yourself a snazzy new tote. Follow the video below for a step-by-step guide.

Build Your Own Dog Bed

Give Fido a comfy, eco-friendly bed with minimal effort. Grab a hessian coffee bag, cut a small hole in each bottom corner, and slip it over a medium-sized steel frame. Line up the holes with the frame’s feet, staple or sew the opening shut, and voila—dog bed complete! Just make sure to use medium frames because finding a bag big enough for larger frames is a hassle. The usual dimensions for a 60kg hessian sack are 102cm by 66cm. This quick fix saves you around $15 per bed.

Make Hessian Cushions

Got some old coffee bags lying around? Turn them into cushions!  Easy for beginners, you just need cushion stuffing, thick thread, and 2 square pieces cut from a used hessian sack. Lay one piece on top of the other, stitch around the edges, leaving a small hole. Flip it inside out, stuff it, and stitch the hole shut. You’ve got yourself an up-cycled cushion!

Other DIY Ideas

Hessian bags are versatile! Use them for gift wrapping, upholstering furniture, lining a coffee tray, or making a coffee bean bag. The possibilities are endless!

Storing Food in Old Coffee Sacks

Burlap bags are great for storing produce. Their loose weave allows air circulation, preventing rot and premature ripening. Perfect for potatoes, onions, garlic, apples, and pears. Hang onions and garlic in a dark place, and stack potatoes, apples, and pears in crates with jute layers in between. Keep potatoes separate to avoid spoilage.

Recycling Hessian for Weed Mats

Say goodbye to synthetic landscape fabric and hello to biodegradable burlap bags. Cut the bag at the seams to cover large areas or leave as is for a thicker cover. Make sure to remove any plastic tags. Burlap soaks up moisture and keeps it where it’s needed most, acting as an excellent weed barrier when covered with mulch. After a few years, it’ll rot away, adding organic matter to your soil.

Burlap Bag Compost Cover

Maintain your compost’s moisture and aeration with repurposed hessian coffee bags. These bags keep moisture in and pests out. Line DIY pallet compost bins or simply place a hessian sack over your compost pile as an easy lid. Your compost microbes will thank you!

Coffee Sack Craft Ideas

Coffee Cup Cozy from Crafts with Amy Elliott. How cute are these coffee cup cozys?

These would make a great gift and are also a terrific way to cut down on paper waste by avoiding the disposable cozy wraps you get at coffee shops.

coffee bean bag cozy made from burlap coffee sack
Image from Crafting with Amy Elliott https://amycelliott.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/coffee-cozy/#more-256
Check out this post for over 50 ideas! https://diyjoy.com/diy-projects-with-burlap/

This post from Chica and Jo has some adorable home decor ideas for coffee sacks including this delightful coffee bar.

recycling burlap coffee sack into this crafty coffee bar stand
Make a coffee bar like this with your recycled hessian coffee bags from chicaandjo.com

It's never too early to start making those Christmas craft items like this stocking found on Etsy

coffee bean sack craft christmas stocking

or maybe make an apron like this cutie!

recycled burlap coffee sack craft apron

The options are endless!

Everything from tote bags, pillows, table cloth runners, wall art and more. Creating crafts from recycled hessian coffee bags is a great way to extend your love of coffee into your home decor.

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