Brewing Smarts: Unveil the Cost Per Cup of Your Favorite Java Momma Coffee!

Brewing Smarts: Unveil the Cost Per Cup of Your Favorite Java Momma Coffee! - Java Momma

We know you're savvy shoppers who love a good deal, especially when it involves your favorite Java Momma brews. You've asked, and we've listened – it's time to break down the real cost per cup of our delicious coffee. Whether it's our core blends, limited releases, or single origin treasures, we're here to spill the beans (literally) on how you can get the most buzz for your buck!

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Java Momma 'Coffee Math' table displaying prices and cost per cup for different coffee types. The table compares individual purchase prices and subscription prices for core coffee and single origin/limited release coffee in 8 oz and 16 oz bags. Figures are based on using 10 grams of coffee per 8 ounces of water.

*heads up we haven't included shipping costs in the calculations because we use a flat shipping rate and the impact of the shipping cost would be spread over your entire order so it will vary on how many items you order overall!

Core Coffees:

  • 8 oz Bag: $12.99, approximately $0.57 per cup.
  • 16 oz Bag: $22.99, approximately $0.51 per cup.
  • Subscription Deal (15% off): Save more by buying in bulk! The cost per cup drops to about $0.49 for 8 oz and $0.43 for 16 oz.

Limited Release Coffees:

  • 8 oz Bag: $15.99, around $0.71 per cup.

Single Origin Specials:

  • 16 oz Bag: $24.99, approximately $0.55 per cup.

Why Does This Matter? Understanding the cost per cup helps you see the true value behind each purchase. It's not just about the initial price of the bag; it's about how much each delightful cup will cost you in the long run. And, as you can see, our flight deals are the real MVPs when it comes to stretching your dollar.

Conclusion: So, there you have it – a complete breakdown of the cost per cup of Java Momma's finest. Whether you're a single bag shopper or a flight fanatic, we've got you covered with the best deals for your daily cup of joy. Remember, every sip is worth it with Java Momma!

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