Best Offerings to Pair with Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie!

Best Offerings to Pair with Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie! - Java Momma
Just like pairing wine with your dinner, there is an art to girl scout cookie coffee pairing. To start off we believe that Guatemalan Coffee is the best coffee with girl scout cookies. As with all coffees, Guatemalan varieties have a distinct flavor based on growing conditions, humidity, altitude, harvesting, and processing. Java Momma’s organic Guatemalan Huehuetenango (way-way-ten-ongo) is no exception. The full body and complex taste is unique to the bean. The flavors start with a sweet, subtle chocolate experience and moves to a citrus finish.

Girl Scout Cookie Coffee Pairing

Cookies. You know those cookies that are all over the place right now? The ones being sold by cute little scouts in front of grocery stores and the hardware store? How do you avoid eating the entire package in one sitting? Serve 2-3 cookies with a mug of Java Momma coffee to curb the urge and create an experience that can only be described as THE experience. Java Momma has taken the special roasts from Not the Momma (that’s Mr. JM to you) and carefully paired it with the perfect cookie. ** Please note, cookies from both GS bakeries are represented and do not reflect any opinions of the Girl Scout’s of America; just our favorite coffees to serve with their offerings.** PB Patties/Tagalongs The citrus and chocolate in the Guatemalan Huehuetenango are a surprising combo with peanut butter, but it works! This coffee amplifies the peanut butter in the cookies. Take a bite of cookie, then a sip of coffee. Next, dip the cookie quickly in the coffee and let the vanilla cookie inside soak up a little bit of Guatemalan goodness. Lemonades/Lemon-Ups This bright, sunshiny cookie is da bomb on its own and not one you’d automatically think, mmm...Coffee. But give this combo a whirl: Colombian Medium and a plate of lemon cookies. The Colombian Medium is a bright citrusy coffee with caramel undertones. The finish is smooth to contrast with the bite of lemon in the cookies. Trefoils/Shortbread This cookie is the most basic of the bunch. Crispy, buttery, with a hint of vanilla, it lends itself to almost any coffee. However, Momma recommends the Sumatra Mandheling Dark or Extra Dark. Both of these roasts have a chocolate and caramel taste with hints of malt. It’s delicious hot and a great dunker, just don’t let it take a swim. A quick dip is enough to get the perfect coffee/cookie bite without getting soggy. For a twist, make this as a cold brew or serve over ice. The darker roasts are lower in caffeine, so they both make an excellent afternoon snack when served with a plate of cookies. best girl girl scout cookie coffee pairing Do-Si-Dos/Peanut Butter Sandwiches This interesting cookie is a Java Momma favorite. Oatmeal cookies with a peanut butter filling. Two of our blends, Back to Basics and Breakfast Blend, are the perfect compliment for this traditional flavor. Two classics that stand alone on their own, but rise a little higher when put together. Try dunking; you won’t be sorry. S’mores Brazil Medium and Skull Sunrise are recommended for the S’mores Cookie flavor combination. Whichever variety you get, chocolate covered or sandwich, you’ll find the sweet marshmallow, graham, and chocolate compliment the nutty flavor in Brazil Medium and the caramel tones in the Skull Sunrise. Samoas/Caramel deLites Are you one of those people that doesn’t like coconut? Good. More for us! Brew some Sumatra Satin, top with a little cream or don’t. Take out three Samoas. Eat the first one because you forget to slow down. Break apart the second one and dip half in the smooth, chocolate, and cherry undertones of our distinct dark roast. Then eat the third and sit back to slowly savor the rest of your cup. Grab a fourth cookie on your way to get a second cup. Toffee-Tastic This newer-gluten free cookie is quickly becoming famous. The flavor is unique and stands on its own. A darker roast with less complexity is great paired with the sweet, caramelly crunch. Not the Momma is that roast. A three-bean blend that is dark and strong and bold. Another dunking marriage made in Java Momma Heaven. Thin Mints Finally. The one you’ve all been waiting for. The best selling GS cookie of all time. This cookie tastes good with air, but pour a cup of All Jacked Up Espresso and you have upped your cookie game. While this cookie tastes best with any full-bodied coffee, this is the one that wins the trophy. You can brew as a regular coffee, as well, but a double shot of AJU, grab a sleeve...I mean two Thin Mint cookies and you have yourself a snack to end all snacks. Check out our Java Momma Pinterest Board to find some over-the-top easy and irresistible recipes. Tag us in your coffee creations on Instagram! @javamommainc #javamomma
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