Why Air Roasted Coffee is the Best

Why Air Roasted Coffee is the Best - Java Momma

Attention coffee lovers! What type of coffee are you drinking? Do you know how your coffee was roasted? If you haven't tried air roasted coffee yet, you are surely missing out!

Most people don't ask how we roast our coffee - but they do let us know how smooth it is and how much they love it. One of the main reasons our coffee is so good and is loved by many is because we air roast the coffee beans. What does that mean, you say?

What is Air Roasted Coffee?

air roasted coffee

Coffee is grown at very high elevations. The specific flavors of the beans has a lot to do with where the beans are grown and what they are grown in. To get the best flavor, those beans have to be roasted just right. Air roasting those beans is the best way to tap in to the bean's natural flavor.

With Air Roasted Coffee you taste the coffee not the roaster. It’s the air that roasts the coffee not the surface of the roaster. So the coffee has a very clean taste that is intensely aromatic, minus the acids and bitter tars that are produced by conventional roasters.

In the entire world, only 1% of all the coffee beans picked and harvested get the privilege of being air roasted. That’s it. We’re proud to be one of the only coffee companies in the world to produce air roasted coffee. Because after all, it tastes the best.

Over 95% of the world's coffee is roasted via that standard drum method. In this method beans are placed in a closed drum and roasted. They can be roasted with electric, gas or open flame. The drum turns to evenly roast the beans. Although a good method, roasters can't see/inspect the beans in the closed system.

How do we roast our coffee? Java Momma uses a special air roaster (one of the best) and is also 100% clean renewable energy for our roasting process. Java Momma uses the best single-origin, high altitude, arabica beans. All of our coffee is responsibly grown.

Air roasted coffee tastes better!


When coffee is air roasted, a stream of air is released in the roasted to roast the coffee. It is a open process and the roaster can actually see and inspect the process as it is happening (not a closed system).

Through the air roasting process, the outer layer of the beans, called the chuff are removed (kind of like blown away) before it can get charred. Thus, giving a much better taste to the bean.

Once they reach the desired temperature for roasting, the beans are quickly transferred to cool down and preserve the delicious flavor, resulting in a delicious and fresh bean waiting to be brewed. Once you have a cup of air roasted coffee, you will want it all the time.

Our roaster, Brian, has perfected this process at Java Momma (he is a smart analytical cookie!) and Java Momma is one of the few companies that air roasts coffee. When you order from Java Momma, we only air roast the coffee one you place your order, Coffee does not sit on the shelf! We ensure that you have only the freshest coffee!

Interested in trying Java Momma's air roasted coffee in one of our traditional or unique flavors? Go to Javamomma.com or reach out to the Independent Barista that gave you this link!

air roasted coffee is the best!
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