What’s better than coffee and a brownie?  
Java Momma coffee and a coffee brownie stuffed with a Girl Scout Samoa/Caramel deLite cookie!

  • Mix up your favorite brownie recipe; from scratch or a box
  • Mix in 1 teaspoon of finely ground coffee and ¼ cup leftover Java Momma Coffee with the other ingredients
  • Throw in a handful of chocolate chips

  • Use a lighter to warm the back of one cookie slightly and stick to the back of the other to keep them from floating apart in the batter

  • Using a large muffin pan, fill each cup ⅔ full with batter
  • Press a cookie sandwich into each muffin cup and spoon the batter over the tops

Bake according to package directions.   
Cool slightly before taking them out of the pan.
For an extra yummy and gooey treat, top with a tiny bit of butter.
Serve with your favorite Java Momma Coffee!  (Sumatra Satin is a great place to start!)
You can also vary this with other cookies.  We tested Thin Mints with Andes mints melted on top.  Oh my java beans!
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