Join the Java Momma BFF Program for exclusive perks and rewards. It’s simple: make a purchase, create an account, and you’re in!

Earn Perks Points with every purchase of our amazing coffee and products. Accumulate points in your customer Sky Wallet and redeem them towards future purchases.

The more you shop, the more points you earn. Use them to save on your next order, enhancing your shopping experience and showing our appreciation for your loyalty.

But it doesn’t stop there. Share the love! Refer a friend using your exclusive link and earn $5 worth of Perks Points when they create a customer account and make a purchase.

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Earn points with every purchase* and through our JAVA MOMMA BFF program

Quench your thirst for rewards and fill your cup with limitless possibilities!


Earn Perks Points on every purchase. Every Java Momma product offers points that can be collected and redeemed for discounts on future Java Momma orders.


You earn bonus points on each purchase as a Java Momma BFF. Extra points may also be awarded during new product launches, sales, and more. Keep an eye out for those double-point specials.


Apply Perks Points to any Java Momma purchase at checkout. Your points can even go toward your monthly subscriptions!

100 Perks Points = $10

Hey there! Tammy from Java Mama here. In this video, I’ll explain how our Perks Points program works and how you can use your points for future orders. To collect Perks Points, you’ll need to have a customer account. You can collect points with every order, and the amount of points you get will depend on each product. Once you’ve collected enough points, you can use them for future orders. You can also use your points to pay for your monthly subscription. In this video, I’ll show you how to check your points balance and how to use your points for an order. So, let’s get started!


Hey there! Tammy from Java Mama here to tell you about our new customer referral program. When you register a customer account, you’ll receive a referral link that you can share with your friends and family. If they create a new account and make a purchase, you’ll receive $5 in Sky Wallet credit. To find your referral link, just log in to your customer account and go to the “Referred Customer Center” in the side menu. Copy the link and share it on social media or via email. Once your friend makes a purchase, we manually process the referral and award you the credit. You can also track your referrals and see who has joined through your link. So start sharing the love and earning perks points today!


How are my points calculated from my order?

You’ll earn perk points with every purchase. Points are awarded based on the subtotal minus discounts, taxes, and shipping. Points are shown for each product on the product listing.

How do I use my Perks Points?

Fill your cart, select your address and payment method, and on the last page before you charge your card, select “Apply Cash + Rewards” button, and input how many points you would like to use!

How do I apply Perks Points to my subscription order?

Customers – log into your Portal, click on the Perks Points tab, and select the ‘enable for subscription payments’ button next to the Perks Points balance type.

Can I choose how many points I would like to apply to my order?
Yes! Use as many or as few points as you would like at checkout.
Why didn't I earn points on my purchase?

The only way you can not earn points on an order is if the order was purchased entirely with Perks Points and/or a promo code. Perks Points are awarded on orders based on the subtotal minus discounts, taxes, and shipping.

How does my referral link work?

We’ve made it easy for you to share your love for Java Momma! Simply use your unique referral link to invite your friends, you can find it in your customer portal. When they create a new customer account and join our community using your link, you’ll receive a $5 Skywallet credit as a thank you.

What does my friend receive when they join through my referral link?

Your friend won’t receive an instant reward, but they’ll gain something even better—a warm welcome into our Java Momma family! By joining, they’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow coffee enthusiasts, discover new flavors, and participate in our exciting events and promotions. If they choose to subscribe to our email or text list they can receive a discount on their first order.

How long is my referral link valid?

Your referral link is valid indefinitely, so you can share it whenever you want. Keep in mind that your friends will need to use the link to create a new customer account in order for you to receive the referral credit.

Can my points be exchanged or cashed out for actual currency?

No, points do not have a cash value, and cannot be cashed out.

How can I see how many Perks Points I have?

If you are a Customer

You can see how many Perks Points you have by logging in to your Customer Portal and clicking on the Perks tab. 

Can I use my Perks Points and a promo code in the same order?

Yes, you can apply your Perks Points and promo code in the same order. Remember points are awarded based on the subtotal, minus discounts, taxes, and shipping.

Do I get to keep Perks Points if my order is canceled or returned?

Perks Points awarded from an order will be deducted if that order is canceled. This also applies to returns. It’s possible for your account to have a negative balance after items are returned.

Do my points expire?

No, Perks Points do not expire at this time.

Will I earn a referral credit if my friend is already a customer?

Unfortunately, the referral credit is exclusively for new customers. We want to ensure our current customers continue to enjoy all the perks while introducing new members to our coffee-loving tribe. However, you can still share the love and invite your friends to join the Java Momma community!

How will I receive my $5 Sky Wallet credit?

Once your friend creates a new customer account and makes a purchase using your referral link, we will credit your account with the $5 Skywallet funds as a token of our appreciation. You can then use this credit towards your future purchases.

Are there any limitations on the number of referrals I can make?

Not at all! We encourage you to invite as many friends as you’d like. The more friends who become customers through your referral, the more Sky Wallet credits you can earn. It’s a win-win situation!