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May the Fourth be with you!

If you aren’t drinking a galaxy inspired drink today “The Child” is going to be extremely disappointed…

Did you get your hands on the Java Momma limited edition Bounty Hunter blend? Then you are definitely going to want to try this great recipe from our very own Barista Sally Valenti.

Blue Milk Latte

If you missed out on the Bounty Hunter Blend we still have limited stock of Awaken the Rebel Morning Blend available – grab it now before you miss out!


Chocolate More Your Thing?

Then you simply must check out the Han Cocoa.

Cocoa, marshmallow and toffee….oh my! Seriously to die for!


Star Wars and Coffee are a match made in the heavens...Celebrate May the Fourth with these fun galaxy inspired drinks.

Hold up, what I really dream of is Tea…

But wait, there’s more! Cold Brew Cloud City Style

Need a Laugh?

If you love Star Wars® and coffee, then you’ll love this piece from Bored Panda where a woman describes how Star Wars® characters like their coffee. https://www.boredpanda.com/star-wars-coffee-comparison-twitter