Recycling Coffee Bean Bags into Craft

Being a coffee roasting company you won’t be surprised to find out that we end up with a lot of burlap coffee sacks. The great thing is that these sacks can be reused for lots of purposes.

burlap and hessian coffee sack craft ideas, coffee bag craft ideas

We thought we would do a round up post with a bunch of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

If you are inspired to make some of these great crafts or even come up with your own we have plenty of sacks available for you to use in your crafty undertakings.

You can purchase your coffee bags from Java Momma here.

Ready for some inspiration? Here are some of our favorites!

Coffee Sack Craft Ideas

Coffee Cup Cozy from Crafts with Amy Elliott. How cute are these coffee cup cozys?

These would make a great gift and are also a terrific way to cut down on paper waste by avoiding the disposable cozy wraps you get at coffee shops.

Home decor with hessian coffee bags

Houzz has this great post with 11 ideas on how to reuse the hessian/burlap coffee bean sacks

This post from Chica and Jo has some adorable home decor ideas for coffee sacks including this delightful coffee bar.

recycling burlap coffee sack into this crafty coffee bar stand
Make a coffee bar like this with your recycled hessian coffee bags from

It’s never too early to start making those Christmas craft items like this stocking found on Etsy

coffee bean sack craft christmas stocking

or maybe make an apron like this cutie!

recycled burlap coffee sack craft apron

These coffee sack shades from Hometalk are adorable and easy to make.

coffee bean sack craft window shades

The options are endless!

Everything from tote bags, pillows, table cloth runners, wall art and more. Creating crafts from recycled hessian coffee bags is a great way to extend your love of coffee into your home decor.

If you want more ideas check out our Pinterest Board on Burlap/Hessian Coffee Sack Craft Ideas and you can grab your coffee sacks here from Java Momma.

Burlap Coffee Bean Bag Craft Ideas on Pinterest