Step 1: Log into your Barista Account

  • Go to Parties > Party Manager.

  • To create a new party, click New Party in the top right-hand corner

Step 2: Select a host for your party

Who is Hosting? – Dropdown with 3 options: I Am Hosting, My Customer, and New Customer.

  • I Am Hosting: Most popular, the barista creating the party in their portal is the host.
  • My Customer: The Barista is creating a party for one of their customers to host. When this option is chosen a second dropdown box will appear to search for the customer. Search by entering the first 3 characters of the customer’s name or ID.
  • New Customer: Choosing this option will bring the Barista straight to the create new person page to add a new customer before hosting.

    Step 3: Party Details

  • Party Name – Choose a name for the new party.
  • Date – Choose the date and time for when the party will occur. Icons to the right can be used to conveniently select the date and time.
  • Time Zone – Choose the time zone the party will be hosted in.
  • Phone – Field to provide a contact phone number.
  • Party Type – Required dropdown to select the “rules” or “options” for this party mainly related to host orders and shipping options. This is configured in Flight under Party Types.
  • Referring Party # – Enter the ID of a referral party ID here (optional).
  • Description – Enter detailed information relevant to the party being created.
  • Sharing Description – A brief description that will appear for the party when the party event link is shared on a social site (i.e. Facebook).
  • Event Image – Add an event image to display with the shared description by clicking ‘Select files.’ This image will be featured by the event on the barista’s upcoming events page.
  • Display Event On Customer Website – If this box is checked this event will be shown publicly on the barista’s replicated website. These events are shown alongside any corporate events or parties the barista has added.
  • Display Event Address – Check this box to show the event address entered above where this event is shown.
  • Display Event Phone Number – Check this box to show the phone number entered above where this event is shown.

Step 4: Party Address

The party host address will automatically be listed as the default address on the host’s record. To choose a different address, click Use This Address from one of the addresses available in the address book for the host’s profile or click New Address to enter a new address for the party.

When all information is complete, click Save Party at the bottom-right of the screen. This will take the barista to the Party Details page of the now existing party.

Party FAQ

  • My Customer forgot to place an order with the party. What do I do?
    Orders cannot be moved if a customer has not placed the order on the party, mistakenly placing it as a regular order. If the order is canceled before the item ships, Home Office will refund and the order can be placed again by the customer properly.


  • How do I close a Party when the Host has $0 balance?
    If your host order has a zero balance, send in a support ticket with the form below and we will close the party for you.


  • Can I have a mystery party?
    Yes, create a Mystery Party customer. When the winner is chosen, edit the Mystery Party customer in the customer portion of your back office.


  • Can I host my own party?
    Yes, absolutely!

Party Rewards