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Java Momma Roundup – March 27, 2022

Java Momma Roundup – March 27, 2022

We’ve entered the season of….Aries!

Aries gift set
Aries Cherry Almond Arabica coffee, Notepad, Necklace, Mini Art Print, Stone. (necklace and stones will vary)
The gift Set includes shipping.
Receive 1/2 lb auto-drip or 12 single-serve cups of Aries Cherry Almond Arabica
Aries Cherry Almond Arabica
Strong, and confident, the Aries is complex and ambitious. This dynamic cherry and almond blend is inspired by Aries’ innovative and adamantine spirit.

Now Available Individually

Our Easter flavors are on the loose!

Jelly Bean Web
cadbunny web

New on the Site

Artisan Hot Chocolates SKU
While Stocks Last

The Society

Inspired by the series that everyone is binge watching this week…

The Society Marketing

Limited Specials Available While Supplies Last!

Five Dollar Specials!


Closeout Box

Closeout Mystery Box stars
Java Momma Roundup – March 20, 2022

Java Momma Roundup – March 20, 2022

New this week

Cold Brew Pods

St. Patrick’s Day Special – Available until Sunday 20th 11:59 EST

St Paddy Day Promo

Limited Edition Join Kit!

Roasters Choice UPDATED Spring 1

Going Back in the Vault at 11:59 EST 3/20/22

pie day sample ad story
Pisces Parfait Sku 1
Java Momma Roundup – March 13, 2022

Java Momma Roundup – March 13, 2022

Another fun filled week at Java Momma with plenty of new releases to keep you caffeinated!

Now available individually


We’re up the Creek! Momma’s Creek

Mommas Creek WEB SMALL
Ah, Bébé. A glee-ridden occasion is forthcoming! The linchpin of a glorious morn begins with a steaming brew only available with Java Momma. Rejoice!
Mix and Match 2,3, or 4 flavors brewed up at the Coffeebud Motel!
Receive 1/2 lb bag or 8 single-serve cups of each flavor. Shipping included.
Available through 4/30/2022 11:59 PM Eastern Time

New This Week

A brand new blend to our core line!


Sneak Peek!

Available from 12:01 am 3/14/2022 until 3/20/2022 at 11:59 PM EST

pi day coffee
Java Momma Roundup March 6, 2022

Java Momma Roundup March 6, 2022

March has started with a bang!

It’s a new month which means new subscription boxes and SO MUCH MORE!

New Duo

Just released today


New Subscription Boxes

Our subscription boxes are no long pre-orders so will ship when ordered.

mom 500x500 3

Previous Sips & Picks Now Available in Individual Flavors

goodnight tea
choc orange parade
the rainbow tea
Epiphany Marketing
love coffee sku
raspberry beignet
love coffee sku 2
praline king cake
Where the wild beans are SKU

New Build Your Own Pack

It’s Women’s Month and we are honoring the 2022 Class of Trailblazers with our new build your own pack!

Trailblazer WEB

New Additions

Peaberry Dark has joined our single origins selection.

pb web sku 2

Choose Your Own Labels

Special Occasion labels for our best-selling Brazil Medium Coffee. Choose from:
New Baby
New Home
Congratulation Balloons
Thank You  

Available only as Regular Auto-Drip 1/2 lb bags.  

This Brazilian bean is full of nutty flavors. Medium air roasting brings out the natural flavor with a smooth sip.  


Support the Ukraine

Sunflower 1
The flower that follows the sun.
Understated, but bold and standing tall.  
$1 from each bag goes to the Unicef fund for Children of Ukraine

Read Across America Box

Phew, last but not least we have a brand new box with a special new coffee!

blueberry pie WEB
Java Momma Roundup – January 16, 2022

Java Momma Roundup – January 16, 2022

Java Bowl is back for 2022!

Java Bowl

Did someone say half-caff?

Night Owl K Cup
Colombian Medium roast coffee blended with Colombian Decaffeinated coffee create the perfect half-caff brew. Bright acidity and citrusy notes with the undertones of caramel create a smooth sip and only half the caffeine.
This decaf is run through a natural decaffeination process with sugar local to the farms in Colombia. This process helps preserve the flavor and give it a smooth finish.

It’s Cookie Season!

Java Scouts Set 2

Love is in the Air

Valentine Coffee Set SKU
Valentine Tea Set SKU

Welcome to the Java Momma Love Shack! We’ve assembled a lovely collection of pampering items to make your stay memorable! Give this as a gift or gift one to yourself! Includes shipping and two coffee samples or a tea and heart infuser (infuser not pictured).

Book of Love and Indulge 2 ounce coffees


All that Razz Tea and Heart Infuser

Each sample is a 2-ounce bag.

$34.99 Shipping Included

Java Momma Roundup – January 9, 2022

Java Momma Roundup – January 9, 2022

New This Week

Awaken the Rebel SKU 1
Ready to control the entire Galactic Empire?  Awaken your inner Rebel with this sweet and nutty morning coffee. I don’t know about you but order this I must.  
January Galaxy Mystery Box marketing

New Single Serve Reuseable Cups Now Available

IMG 2594

December Picks and Sips Now Available Individually

Who Bilation Art
Cindy Lou K Cup
Max Art
Sing Sing Sing K Cup
Grinch Art
Who Feast K Cup
Java Momma Roundup January 2, 2022

Java Momma Roundup January 2, 2022

Happy New Year! Here’s what’s new this week at Java Momma.

Great coffee follows a code: quality, flavor, and freshness. Explore the JM galaxy with this duo true to the Java Momma Way.

Return of the Clone 

One sip and you’ll see why this special blend of vanilla and nutty notes stands apart. This bean has risen to rule with flavor.

Bounty Hunter 

A special blend full of smoky notes for the weary traveler and flavor hunter.

You can drink it warm or you can drink it cold. This is the Java Momma Way.

Get Started with Java Momma for Half Price!

Have you considered starting your very own business in the new year? Maybe you want to join Java Momma for the discount, or you want to build a team and take over the world, one cuppa at a time!Now is the best time to do it. Our Influencer Kit is half-price!!! Join to build a business. Join for the discount. Join to become a part of the Java Momma family and something bigger than yourself. Join for YOU – anyway you want to.

Influencer Kit

Brand New Hostess Rewards Program

We launched a new rewards program and for the month of January we’ve doubled it!

January Double Rewards

Now Available!

Cookies and Cream SKU
Cookies and Cream
Chocolate cookies meet a sweet cream filing for a classic taste in one delicious coffee.
Thank you for being a friend SKU
We’ve traveled down the road and now it’s time to retire to Florida. Don’t forget to bring a floppy hat and big shoulder pads!
Four coffee flavors inspired by our favorite golden ladies.
We brewed the flavor of tangy zabaglione Italian custard into a cup of coffee just for Sophia.
Smooth and sweet like a good southern caramel coffee should be.
You have Chocolate Cheesecake? This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
The famous Genurken-flürken cake is Americanized with some cinnamon apples. Go ahead and blow your own vertubenflugen. Rose would be proud.
Choose your pack size. Pick 2 limited coffees for $27.99 (decaf $30.99) and then add on up to 2 more! Includes shipping.
Additional bags are $13.50 each/$15.50 decaf
1/2 lb bags or 8 single-serve cups of each flavor.
Java Momma Roundup – December 19, 2021

Java Momma Roundup – December 19, 2021

Java and the City Collection

This week we paid homage to one of our favorite shows as it returns to the small screen.

java and city

“They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.” Carrie Bradshaw

A collection fit for the runway; Java and the City brings the class, the sass, and the flavor. Receive 1/2 lb or 8 single-serve cups of each limited coffee and a bonus Mr. Big 4 ounce sample bag. Includes shipping!


Ridiculous, incomparable, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other flavors. Dark Cherries with a ribbon of chocolate accented with bright, fruity notes.


Why did we ever stop drinking this? Because everyone else started! Pick up a favorite flavor with a new twist and savor this cosmopolitan coffee flavor’s vanilla and blackberries.


Only the finest will do; the best bags and the best beans. A smooth blend of rich, bittersweet coffee accented with cream. What can we say? We need a big cup.


Basic doesn’t have to mean boring, and this coffee might be our soulmate. A Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffin made over into the perfect cup.

Big (4-ounce bag)

Hey kid. It took us a long time to get here, but we finally made it. A long dark drink of coffee is just what we’ve always wanted. Notes of black currants and dark chocolate make this dark roast screen worthy.

$54.99 box includes Shipping

Single Serve comes with 8 cups for each flavor and is compatible with Keurig 1.0 and Keurig 2.0 machines. Big is an auto-drip 4-ounce bag.  

12 Days of Christmas Deals

12 Days of Christmas Deals

We’ve been counting down to Christmas with a new deal each day! You can check out the latest deal on our 12 Days page – we’ll be going right through until Christmas Eve!

Retiring Flavors

The time has come for all of our Fall Flavors to head back to the vault for another year.

If you can’t live without your Pumpkin Spice or Sanderson Sisters – now is the time to stock up!

You can see all of our Fall Flavors here – the all retire on New Years Eve at 11:59 PM EST


12 Days of Christmas Deals and Weekly Roundup December 12, 2021

12 Days of Christmas Deals and Weekly Roundup December 12, 2021

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

We are in the final countdown to Christmas and to celebrate we are super excited to do our 12 Days of Christmas Deals again this year!

12 Days of Christmas Deals

Starting Monday the 13th we will have a different deal each day as we countdown to Christmas. We won’t be announcing the deals until the day so if you’d like to be kept in the loop you can sign up for our text reminders that will be sent out daily announcing our deal of the day.

If you don’t want text reminders then make sure to bookmark our 12 Days of Christmas page and check back daily for our new deals!

New This Week

Welcome to the Javaverse!

Into the Javaverse SKU
With our Secret Identity revealed as the Bean Slinger, we use our Coffee Sense to find a way home. Home is where the coffee is and that’s the best place to be. We couldn’t let the new Spidey Movie pass by without a true Java Momma homage!
Secret Identity
Disguised as coffee, this bright bean is filled with fruity flavors and aroma and tastes like Saturday morning watching cartoons.
Bean Slinger
Seems gravity has no effect on this bean slinger! A lighter than air chocolate mousse superhero coffee to save the day!
Coffee Sense
Sometimes you just know. Your senses know this sweet and tangy caramel coffee concoction is smooth and buttery and just right.

Receive 1/2 pound or 8 single serve cups of each flavor
$41.49 includes shipping
Java Momma Roundup – December 5, 2021

Java Momma Roundup – December 5, 2021


The Black Friday/Cyber Weekend was HUGE – we are now busily roasting and packing everyone’s orders!

But even with the busy behind the scenes action happening this week we still had some great new releases!

A West Bean Story

A West Bean Story

For never was a cup full of such joe. Te adoro, Java Momma.

The West Side

Two flavors from two different sides of the pantry meet up in a cup and form an unlikely union. White chocolate and caramel candy defy convention and become one.


Coffee and chocolate are our heart’s devotion. It’s Mamboing its way through a Cafe Con Leche for a coffee, milk, and mocha dance party!


It’s the swingin’est thing. A cup you’ll never forget from your first little sip.

You’re the king with the cinnamon and tangy-sweet cookie.

When your coffee is the top it stays that way!

Receive 1/2 pound or 8 single serve cups of each flavor

$41.49 includes shipping

Our January Subscription Boxes Released

We’ve Unleased our Sets!

You can now purchase the individual coffees from our Coffee Games, Spice Dune and Cookie Exchange Sets – get your favorites now!