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They’re baaaaaaaaaack! Java Momma Single Serve Cups

Java Momma single serve cups!  They’re back – And we’re SO excited

Java Momma Single Serve Cups

Java Momma Single Serve Cups are back and better than ever. The JM Cups are fresh roasted, 2.0 compatible, and come in a large variety of blends and flavors:

  • Momma’s Blend
  • Momma’s Blend Decaf
  • Not the Momma’s
  • Jamaican Me Crazy
  • Pecan Sticky Bun
  • Cookie Doodle
  • Highlander Grogg
  • Rainforest Crunch
  • Jingle Bell Java
  • Sea Salt Caramel Mocha

Momma’s Blend (and Decaf), Cookie Doodle, and Highlander Grogg are best sellers!  Jingle Bell Java was a winter favorite.  Jamaican Me Crazy, Pecan Sticky Bun, Rainforest Crunch, Sea Salt Caramel Mocha, and Not the Momma’s Blend are quickly rising to the top of the best seller list!!  Which is your favorite?  Ours is Jamaican Me Crazy 😉

Get 12 Java Momma Single serve cups for $16.99.  Which flavor will you try today?

February Releases!

March Momma’s Picks will have you BEGGING for Spring!

Order now and get this shipped on March 7.  You will receive one half pound of each flavor and a special gift!  Put this on recharge and receive 10% off and never miss a Momma’s Pick!

March Limited Edition Flavors include:

Irish Crème – Irish crème just without the whiskey! This is a delicious blend of cream, nut, chocolate, & vanilla.
Coconut Crème – Fresh coconut with a hint of cream, has me wishing for warmer weather.
Irish Apple Cake – Spice cake with delicious juicy apples. All the flavors of a traditional Irish apple cake.

$29.99, includes free shipping!




March Mug of the Month will give you the Luck O’ the Irish!  $17.99 and this beauty ships on March 10, 2017.  Subscribe for a 10% discount, or collect the ones you love.  Well, of course you need to subscribe because you’ll love them ALL!

January 25, 2018 Thursday Release

This week, we bring you a three pack spice bundle and a single serve iron mug bundle.

Limited Time 3 Spice Bundle $16.99 – shipping included
Spice up your life with our limited time 3 spice bundle!

This bundle includes the following items:

1 Espresso Rub
1 Smoked Tea Rub
1 Tangerine Hibiscus Rub

Single Serve Bundle $39.99

This limited edition bundle has 12 Deans Beans assorted single serve cups & an iron coffee cup to hold them. The bundle including shipping is only $39.99. Grab one for yourself or to use as a gift while they last.


Java Momma Mug of the Month

Java Momma Presents: Mug of the Month!

Momma’s Picks is so popular that Java Momma wanted to bring you something to put those coffees in.  So we bring you the Mug of the Month!

Full of snark and sarcasm, our Mug of the Month collection will be sure to please even the biggest attitude.

All those fun coffee sayings – YEAH!  Get that, on a new style mug every month.  Subscribe or just get your favorites, whatever!  Limited quantities available, so get these ASAP!

Changing lives, making a difference!

Java Momma is committed to changing lives, making a difference.  We have something life-changing to bring to you today.  Up-cycled artisan crafts from Nicaragua.

Java Momma has partnered with a global non-profit organization to bring you some of the finest products you will see, those of which are intertwined with deep love and faith.

These artisans turn unused coffee bags, coffee tree trimmings, leather and clay into beautiful, sustainable and useful products that you will be proud to own. Thier mission statement is “Bringing good to the world can only happen through amazing people. From the origin of coffee beans all the way to the coffee drinker, there are people all along the value chain whose lives and communities are being impacted by the coffee industry. We’ve set out to meet these people, create dignity for their crafts, and let the world know about them.”

Inventory changes daily.

Java Momma New Release Thursday!

Java Momma is proud to bring you more Organic, Fair Trade and Kosher options!  Here at JM, we are committed to the balance of commerce, trade, economy and the environment.

New flavors include a South American Half-Caf and Ahab’s Revenge (the highest caffeine content of any organic coffee!)!

Java Momma New Release Thursday!

We have added Java Drops (decadent chocolate covered coffee beans), Organic Hot Cocoa (it’s called Sweet Justice – oh so yummy!) and UFO (unbelievably flavorful objects)!

New Blended Coffee!

Java Momma is at it again!  Serving something new for those Frappe and Iced coffee Lovers in the house!

Chocolaty Peanut Butter ice cold drink, oooh but here we have a Mocha.  And if you want something a little extra creamy, try the Kona Mocha.

Shop here to get the creamiest blended frappe coffee you’ve ever tasted!

The LONG wait for Cocoa is OVER!

The LONG wait for Cocoa is OVER!

Java Momma is now carrying hot cocoa!  We have a few varieties to tame that chocolate craving this winter season.  Have no fear, this cocoa is here to stay!