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Delicious Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Takes You Back to the Beginning

Delicious Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Takes You Back to the Beginning

Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee

Legend has it that an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi discovered coffee in 850 A.D. when he observed his goats eating the berries of a small bush. He noted that the goats became quite lively and danced about after eating the berries so he tried the berries himself. He was delighted with the energy he obtained after eating those little red berries and in his excitement took them to a monk in a nearby monastery.

The monk declared them the Devil’s work and threw them into the fire. You can guess what happened next.

The monks could smell the delicious aroma rising from the fire. They raked the now roasted berries from the fire and crushed them – then covered them in water and boiled it – and so the first cup of coffee was born.

Ethiopian Coffee

Linguists have found the earliest reference to coffee in Ethiopia is in Arabic documents dating back to the year 900. The documents refer to a strange new drink called “buna” that was being consumed throughout the country; “buna” is Oromiyan (a language spoken in Ethiopia) for coffee. (source)

What is known for sure is that the Coffea arabica plant originated in Ethiopia. That one plant is now grown all over the world. Ethiopian coffee accounts for approximately 3% of global coffee growing market but accounts for over 60% of the Ethiopian foreign income – with estimates of over 15 million Ethiopians relying on the coffee industry in some form for their livelihood.

Ethiopian coffee beans that are grown in either the Harar, Yirgacheffe or Limu regions are kept apart and marketed under their regional name. These regional varieties are trademarked names with the rights owned by Ethiopia.[source]

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

Yirgacheffe is a subregion of the area known as Sidamo. Sidamo is thought to be where the coffee plant originated.

Sidamo is in the Ethiopian highlands at elevations from 1,500 up to 2,200 meters above sea level. At these elevations the coffee beans can be qualified as “Strictly High Grown” (SHG). In these areas the Ethiopian coffees grow more slowly and therefore have more time to absorb nutrients and develop more robust flavors due to the local climate and soil conditions.

The beans are processed with the wet method which means instead of being picked and dried immediately, wet processing requires thorough washing. The coffee beans soak in giant water vats immediately after they’re picked. Once they are clean, the beans sit on rotating beds for 48 to 72 hours. This dries the entire bean evenly and removes the traditional fermented taste of the beans and creates a milder more subtle taste. (source)

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is fruity with soft floral tones and is the perfect choice for both hot and cold brews especially for making iced coffees in the summer. It is a mellow coffee with a mild flavor. If you don’t like strong coffee then this is a perfect choice.

ethiopian yergacheffe coffee beans from Java Momma

How to brew Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

Yirgacheffe is very versatile and can be hot or cold brewed.

Yirgacheffe coffee is ideally brewed in a metal filter as it allows more oils to pass. Paper filters can strain coffee grounds of their flavor. Therefore, the best way to brew Yirgacheffe coffee is by using a French Press or pour-over method.

Yirgacheffe is an ideal after-dinner coffee to drink with your dessert. It pairs beautifully with fruit dishes and is a match made in heaven for chocolate. If you prefer your coffee in the morning pair it with pancakes, french toast or donuts.

If you want to be truly authentic you could hold your own Ethiopian inspired coffee ceremony

The Ethiopians take their coffee very seriously and there is nothing more authentic than the traditional coffee ceremony. Check out the video below for a true taste of Ethiopia.

I don’t know about you but spending an hour gathering with your friends over coffee sounds perfect!


ethiopian yirgacheffee coffee beans



What is Tanzania Peaberry Coffee and Why You Need to Try It

What is Tanzania Peaberry Coffee and Why You Need to Try It

Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

Coffee first came to Tanzania in the 16th century from Ethiopia. Coffee quickly felt at home in the volcanic soil found in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is now Tanzania’s largest export.

In the early days coffee was not really brewed in the region but was used as a stimulant. They Haya Tribe boiled the Robusta beans and steamed them with various herbs and chewed on the mixture as a stimulant. The tribe also used the coffee beans as a form of currency and the growing and cultivating of the beans were highly controlled by tribal leaders.[source]

Tanzania peaberry coffee from Java Momma

Tanzania coffee is medium in body and is soft and clean in the cup. If you’re looking for a change, Tanzanian coffee is a rich and mellow treat.   This coffee is somewhat similar to the coffee of its neighbor, Kenya, north of the border.  It is bright, clean, and aggressively complex.

Peaberry coffee beans are grown all around the world so they aren’t unique to Tanzania but over the years have become synonymous with Tanzania. Peaberry beans are unique – usually, only between 5% an10% of the beans from a harvest are classified as Peaberry. 

Usually, coffee cherries contain two seeds, or beans, flat on one side and rounded on the other. In the case of peaberries, only one seed is fertilized. This results in a single round seed with a ridge down the middle. Coffee labeled “peaberry” means that the peaberries have been picked out during the harvesting process and collected together to sell on their own.

Peaberry coffee bean

Peaberries are considered by some to be superior in quality and taste from regular flat beans.

The reasons for this are considered twofold: The single bean contains all the flavor intensity (and nutrition) of two beans, and the round shape of the beans results in a more even roast.

While the first assumption isn’t based on fact, it is true that the rounded shape of the beans does aid the roasting process. The perceived high quality of peaberry coffee is most likely as a result of the sorting process, which is more rigorous than that used to sort flat beans.

Peaberry Flavor

Tanzanian peaberry coffee is known for its intense brightness and high acidity. Conversely, the coffee is medium-bodied and best enjoyed at a medium roast.

The Java Momma roast is comprised entirely of peaberries and it creates a cup that is more intense in flavor with notes of peach, vanilla, and nectarine.

These tend to be quite oily beans that will “go off” much quicker than dried beans – as always, it’s ideal to grind just before making your coffee and to not buy more than is needed at a time.

Brewing Tanzania Peaberry

Tanzania Peaberry can be brewed by both hot and cold methods.

Since peaberry is considered quite an oily coffee using a metal filter will give a higher quality brew as it allows for better filtration of the oils.

This means brewing by french press, pour-over or something like Chemex will give the best results.

Peaberry is also excellent as a cold brew or served as an iced coffee.

What food pairs well with Tanzania Peaberry?

Tanzania peaberry pairs beautifully with fruits, particularly tangy and tropical fruits like pineapple, berries, and passion fruit. The tartness of the fruit will contrast well with the rich tones of the coffee. So you can enjoy it with a nice fruit and yogurt mix for breakfast or perhaps a fruit and cheese platter later in the day.

For the more adventurous, a cup of cold-brewed peaberry with its bright acidity would pair nicely with pan-seared fish and zesty summer salads.

The Java Momma and Chill Box

The Java Momma and Chill Box

Now introducing the Java Momma and Chill binge box! Who loves to sit and binge a good series? We do! Well, now you can binge a series with the binge box! What is your favorite thing to watch?

The new Java Momma and Chill box set comes with 4 new flavors:  J&Ms Chocolates, Rainbow Drops, Caramel & Chocolate Dudes, and Blue Ice Freezies. You can but the set of 4 in the box, or you can buy each individual flavor. Either way, you are going to love these flavors!

J&Ms Chocolates
In this case, you won’t mind if the chocolate is melted.  Even with a sweet candy coating, the chocolate is still the star.  Milk chocolate and dark chocolate coffees’ notes are the buddy drama we’ve all been waiting for.  Go ahead, watch another episode, and pour another cup.

Rainbow Drops
The kids are home and you’re so done with the Paw Explorer Super Princesses.  It’s cool. Put on some retros 80’s cartoons and brony up! Pour this rainbow in a cup and let the reruns keep on playing.

Caramel Chocolate Dudes
Dude.  Chocolate Covered Caramel candy in a bucket of buttered popcorn is the best movie theater snack ever.  Fight me. It’s messy, but still. You’re on your own for the popcorn, but we got the candy craving covered.

Blue Ice Freezies
What’s a movie without a brain freeze and a blue tongue?  The brain freeze will have to wait, but how about summer berry coffee? No drama here, just an action-packed sweet and tart cup of Java Momma magic.


Interested in purchasing the box set or the individual flavors? Contact the Independent Barista that referred you to this post!

Java ‘O Momma – St. Patrick’s Day Coffee

Java ‘O Momma – St. Patrick’s Day Coffee

Valentine’s Day is over and Java Momma is getting ready for a super popular holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. On March 17, everyone becomes Irish and everything turns green. You can start celebrating now with our new and limited edition St. Patrick’s Day coffee, Java O’ Momma.

Java O’ Momma is delicious! The contents of a leprechaun’s pint glass isn’t always green and bubbly.  Java O’ Momma keeps her shamrockin’ blend a closely held secret and trades it to these tricksters just a few weeks each year.  The creamy vanilla and mint is a legend among these wee folk and could be just the bait you’ll need to trap them for their pot of gold.

Go get your Java O’ Momma today!

St. Patrick's Day Coffee



Brazilian Coffee Specs

Brazilian Coffee Specs

Brazilian Coffee Basics

What comes to mind when you think about Brazil?  Rio? Soccer? This one country takes up almost half the continent of South America. 

Brazil is the world’s largest producer and exporter of coffee and has been for more than 150 years.  Over a third of all the coffee sold globally is from their fourteen growing regions.

What does this mean to you?  Not much. Just interesting tidbits as the backdrop of a Brazilian Coffee Love story…

Brazilian coffee is traditionally mild and low acid.  The undertones run through caramel to chocolate which results in a sweet flavor profile. 

It’s a perfect canvas for mixed coffee drinks and is a no-frills coffee straight from the carafe with no shock value; just a good cup of java.  

Java Momma has two blends that are singularly from Brazil;  

Different roasts of the same blend of beans produces different top flavors with the same sweet undertones. 

The medium roast is has a nutty taste, while the dark roast hints of cinnamon.  

Java Momma’s air roasting is gentle on the beans which allows the subtle flavors to shine without becoming overly bitter.  

The altitude, climate, variety of plant, maturity, and processing methods all play into the mild flavors of the beans. 

Different from Colombian beans; Brazil coffee is, for the most part, not grown on high-altitude farms. The climate is typically sunny after the harvest, so the beans are ‘naturally’ processed by sunbathing!  They still have their suits on, though.

The cherries (coffee fruit) are not shelled before processing, so the fruity flavor of the outer skin affects the overall taste after brewing. Every type of soil, level of moisture, days to harvest, and amount of husk left on during drying becomes part of the experience in your morning cup.

Smaller family farms do all this by hand, down to the separation of the beans by size and color.  

The beans we buy from Brazil are from the Santos region which boasts the richest and most popular beans. 

Anytime you go to a coffee shop and order a mixed coffee drink, it’s likely the espresso is made with a Brazilian blend.  Java Momma chooses the best beans from the best sources to bring you the best coffee. Boom.  

Check out this neat graphic from homegrounds.co

Introducing Java Scout Coffee

Introducing Java Scout Coffee

Your favorite cookies have been transformed into coffee!

Java Scout

It’s Cookie Time…oh we mean Coffee… Who else is obsessed with these cookies. Well now we have our own scouts.. the Java Scouts. We have cookie flavored coffee and we are so excited to see what fun you have with these. Get them individually or in a set!
Cookie Quartet set
Get your orders in quick! Java Momma herself baked up some coffee cookie combos that will satisfy your worst craving, but keep your resolutions on track. This limited box has one of each flavor to tame the cookie monster in us all. Better yet, let that cookie beast loose and pair these delights with a box or two from your favorite cookie dealer. You’ve earned it.


Take a sweet vanilla cookie, dunk it in chocolate, drizzle it with caramel, then roll it in coconut. Are you getting the picture? Now, turn that into a steaming cup of Java Momma’s finest coffee and you’ll be singing take me down to Cocomoa all day long. The islands are closer than you think.


For the last 100 years toasted marshmallows, perfectly gooey and not burnt, with a slab of chocolate that’s been sandwiched between two sweet Graham crackers have been a summer staple. Java Momma thinks summer shouldn’t get to have all the fun. Sip a cup and you’ll want s’more!!

Minty Thin
Who can stop at just one…cup? When Java Momma blended mint with the rich chocolate undertones of this marvelous medium roast coffee, a new tradition was born. Keep a bag at work. Keep a bag at home. Hide one from the kids. We won’t tell if you don’t want to share.


A shortbread by any other name would still taste as sweet. Coffee with the buttery goodness of a traditional shortbread cookie and an added bonus of a drop of caramel. Holy cookie Moly! Subtle and sweet, it’s simplicity is surprising.
Java Bowl

Java Bowl

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble……..

java bowl

Now calling all football and coffee lovers for the biggest game of the year: Java Bowl.  What team will you pick? Pick the winning team and win FREE coffee for a year!*

Want to add to the fun? Pick a team for our LIMITED EDITION Java Bowl Mystery Box! You can grab either blend from our new Mystery Box 🏈Pick your team and get two tumblers and 1/2 lb coffee and some awesome surprises and goodies for the game. Plus you are entered to win free coffee for a year🏆 There is no guarantee of items received – that’s what makes it FUN!!!! It’s always a surprise 🎉

*Winner picked at 10PM EST on Sunday, February 2.  No purchase required to enter, please send your full name, address and email to our home office with subject “Java Bowl” 1426 Ferry St. Danville, Pennsylvania.


Java Momma – Feats of Strength Coffee

Java Momma – Feats of Strength Coffee

Feats of Strength coffee!  It’s a Festivus miracle! Where are all of our Seinfeld fans at? Whoever you are, we know what you will be doing on December 23 and NOW you can include our Feats of Strength coffee.  You can sip on this awesome java while watching the head of your household wrestles to conclude the celebration after you all have aired your grievances. If you are the head of household, then you can let your guests sip on this awesome coffee while you are wrestling.  LOL

For anyone wondering what in the french toast we are talking about, well let me explain. Festivus is a non-commercial holiday celebrated on December 23 in preparation for the Christmas holiday.  It is celebrated by a Festivus dinner, the Festivus pole (no need for the hassle of a tree), the Airing of Grievances, then the featured event of Feats of Strength. In the latter, Festivus can only end once the head of household is wrestled and pinned to the floor.  This fine holiday came to us from an episode of Seinfeld called “The Strike” and was a tradition in the house of one of Seinfeld’s writers (created by his grandfather in the 60s/70s).

What a celebration! And this year, we are thrilled to be a part of it.  Good luck and we hope you have many Festivus miracles!

feats of strength

It’s a Festivus Miracle! You won’t find this extra dark roast distracting; it has a high strength-to-weight ratio for the Airing of the Grievances. Serve it with meatloaf and spaghetti, then commence the Feats of Strength.

To learn more about Java Momma products or the Java Momma opportunity, contact the Independent Barista that referred you to this post.


Java Momma – Coffee It’s Your Destiny Set

Java Momma – Coffee It’s Your Destiny Set

Java Momma Choose Your Destiny Set

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

A roaster named Brian talked to his mentor.  His mentor told him, “Make the coffee you must, people need the coffee.” And so Brian made the coffee.  But something happened that night when Momma went to sneak some of the coffee…. and a second coffee was born. Now there are two coffees; one light side and one dark side. Which are you?

The Java Momma Star Wars inspired set includes both the Light and Dark, so you don’t have to choose your destiny. Two bags of coffee and a box full of goodies with shipping.

Go ahead and let the Wookie win.


  • Dark Side 4oz Coffee
  • Light Side 4oz Coffee
  • Star Wars Tin
  • Socks or Lanyard
  • Jelly Belly or Lego Figure

This is a set that you will love.  For more information, please contact the Independent Barista that referred you to this post.



Eggnog Flavored Coffee

Eggnog Flavored Coffee

Welcome to November where here at Java Momma, we officially enter the winter holiday season. With that comes a slew of incredible and limited flavors that will fill you with the holiday spirit. There is no better way to kick of this season than with our Eggnog flavored coffee. Blissful and creamy, this eggnog coffee has notes of cinnamon and nutmeg making it the perfect festive beverage for all your holiday gatherings. Better yet, wrap up in your favorite blanket and warm your heart and soul with this delicious blend.

But seriously, what exactly is eggnog? Our friend Webster describes it as “a drink made of eggs, milk or cream, sugar, and, usually, rum or wine.” No, our blend does not have alcohol in it like traditional eggnog but we promise you will love it all the same.

All this eggnog talk had me wondering where eggnog came from. So how about a few eggnog facts (click stat for source):

  1. December 24 is National Eggnog Day.
  2. George Washington loved eggnog.
  3. People either LOVE or DISLIKE eggnog.
  4. No one really knows where eggnog originated, but many believe it was a “posset” during the medieval years.
  5. More than 135 million pounds of eggnog are consumed each year.

Pretty cool, huh?

Are you a LOVER of eggnog, then you need to get our limited edition of Eggnog flavored coffee before it is gone. Reach out to the Java Momma Barista that referred you to this link.