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Java Momma Roundup – October 24, 2021

Java Momma Roundup – October 24, 2021

The Spice Dune Set

The mystery of coffee isn’t a problem to solve but an experience to savor.

To save one from inferior coffee is a gift from paradise. Experience two coffees inspired by two different worlds and a mystery spice to add to your kitchen collection.

Spice Melange

Taste the coffee and sweet cinnamon for an invigorating sip.

Orchards of Caladan

From the high castle, you can see the orchards filled with fruit trees. We baked these apples over fires on the beach and filled them with butter and brown sugar.

Receive 1/2 pound or 8 single serve cups of each flavor

Decaf available for $4 extra

Holiday Dessert Tray

The dessert tray flavors are now available individually!

We’re Having a Sale

Select items are on sale you can check them out here

Java Momma Roundup – October 17, 2021

Java Momma Roundup – October 17, 2021

Short and sweet this week!

King Trio
Here at the Overlook, we provide our guests and permanent residents with very special blends – you could say they shine.
Overlook Hotel
Old-fashioned caramels rolled in almonds. Come sit and sip a spell! And stay forever and ever and ever…..
Salem’s Blend 
Creamy vanilla custard with a touch of nuts. You could say, this one’s got teeth!
Pennywise Truffle 
We have milk chocolate and candied cherries and nougat down here!
Receive 1/2 pound or 8 single serve cups of each flavor
$41.49 includes shipping
Pumpkin Spice Latte Instant Mocha Packets are now available for individual sale! Don’t wait, though. They are only going to be around while supplies last! There are very limited numbers!

Back in Stock

The Little Book of Coffee is back in stock! These went in a snap last time – perfect for gift giving!

Last Chance – these are almost sold out!

Our two seasonal Mystery Boxes are going, going fast!

Java Momma Roundup – October 10, 2021

Java Momma Roundup – October 10, 2021

The Dessert Tray has arrived!

Would you like to see the dessert tray? See it? Just bring one of everything, please! Something to please everyone and you can have all the second helpings you’d like! Scoop up our Dessert Tray before it rolls away!

$54.99 includes shipping.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Silk Pie 
Rich milk chocolate swirled with creamy peanut butter silk and topped with chocolate ganache for a luxurious dessert experience.

Banana Toffee Coffee Tart
Brûléed bananas layered over a dulce le leche toffee base in a flaky tart and topped with coffee whipped cream.

Christmas Custard 
A Cuban twist on a traditional custard takes this to a whole other level with dashes of cinnamon and rich vanilla.

Blueberry Buttercream Bundt Cake
Classic Bundt cake gets an upgrade with our sweet and tart blueberry buttercream.

A brand new Duo has landed for October!

For our October Duo we’re barking at the moon with Death by Chocolate Coffee and our Blood Orange Moon Tea.
Get 1/2 lb bag of Death By Chocolate auto-drip and a 2-ounce bag of Blood Orange Moon Tea for $25 including shipping.

Now available individually!

Last months Picks are running loose in the warehouse! Get your favorite before they are contained!

Java Momma Roundup – October 3, 2021

Java Momma Roundup – October 3, 2021

Things are getting spooky around here!

It’s that time of year again where the days are shorter, cooler and primed for pumpkin spice.

A crowd favorite has returned for the season – the Sanderson Sister Special is back!

November Subscription Boxes Now Available!

We are hanging with our gnomies in November! Make sure to pre-order your boxes for delivery in November!

November Momma's Picks

Time Limited Specials

It’s Java Momma’s 4th birthday AND it was National Coffee Day and International Coffee Day this past week. To help Celebrate we have two special offers! These offers end Sunday the 3rd at 11:59 PM EST.

Java Momma Roundup – September 26, 2021

Java Momma Roundup – September 26, 2021

There’s a lot to tell you about this week! We just wrapped up our virtual company conference Java Con 2021 and with conference comes new products and the celebration of our Baristas!

Let’s get started!

New Releases

We’ve added three new spices to the Java Momma Spice Rack

Our New Coffee of the Year!

Bourbon Pecan Pie

This is currently available on limited release

Holiday Advent Calendar

We are so excited to announce the release of our holiday Advent calendar it comes with 24 special surprises to help you countdown the holiday season! This is being offered as a presale with shipping prior to November 7th to ensure the coffee and teas are fresh!

The Godfather Duo

To celebrate the birthday of our beloved founder, Melissa, we are bringing her favorite private blends to you! She’s the Godfather of our coffee empire and her favorite movie is Pulp Fiction.

When Java Momma roasts we use the expensive gourmet coffee because when you drink it, we want you to taste it. Whether you take it straight up or with lots of cream, lots of sugar , these special blends she requests are some tasty coffee. Time is of the essence, so don’t wait!

JavaCon Celebrates our Baristas!

One of the best parts of conferences is celebrating some of our outstanding Baristas! A big congratulations to our top performers this year!

Top Sales 
1. Caryn Bath
2. Christy Busbey
3. Leslie Edwards
Top Recruiting 
1. Christy Busbey
2. Angela Sigman
3. Lisa Walter

Also a big congratulations to our Spirit Award winners who were nominated by fellow Baristas.

There’s lots of exciting things coming this week as well! So we’ll see you next week for another roundup!

Java Momma Roundup – September 12, 2021

Java Momma Roundup – September 12, 2021

Special Promotion Announced!

We have a new TOTE-ALLY amazing promo happening right now!!

Receive a free MYSTERY tote with every $30 purchase!! WHAT? That’s right! Have a stylishly mysterious tote to carry all of your Java Momma items around the town! (I suppose you can use it for other things, too, like groceries and books.)

Make sure at checkout to use the code: TOTALLY

These would also make great gifts, team incentives or hostess gifts!

While supplies last. Some exclusions apply.

New Fall Join Special Now Available

java momma fall join special details

Last months Picks are now available individually!

Subscriptions Bonus Announced

subscriptions bonus specials announcement

Pumpkin Spice Season continues!

Now available individually

Broadway is Back!

With four new shows and flavors to make you sing a happy tune! You can choose a duo, trio or try all four!

Lots of New Items to be Found!

Make sure you check out our new teas – you’ll see some of our former Sips being released individually for purchase so check back regularly. We also have tea drops back in stock!

New Duo

Blackberry Duo
Blackberry Cobbler and Very Berry Tea
Berries and berries and more berries! Try these both as hot or cold brews, with or without cream and sugar!
Enjoy this specially priced duo of 1/2 lb bag or 8 single-serve cups of Blackberry Cobbler Coffee and a 2-ounce bag of our Very Berry Loose Leaf Tea.
$20 includes shipping!
Java Momma Roundup – September 5, 2021

Java Momma Roundup – September 5, 2021

The week began with a bomb….a glitter bomb!

We introduced a brand new range of edible glitters, shimmer dusts and sugar sand to fancy up your drinks and baking! Lots of combinations to choose from and guaranteed to add a sparkle to your day!

It’s an unstoppable duo to start off September!

Coffee made to save the day! Our latest Duo is the stuff of heroes with our new Black Widow and The 10 Rings.

1/2 lb auto drip or 8 single serve cups of each coffee for 24.99. Includes shipping!

Black Widow
When you are done running from your past sleep, dive into this beautiful blend of unflavored South American beans and embrace the day!
10 Rings
A legendary coffee is a product of all the coffees that came before. The medium and the dark roasts. Rich coffee flavored with chocolate and cream is the legacy of its power.

Coffee Games

Ever wonder what happened after the games?  Kat supplies berries to the bakery and the bakery keeps the coffee house stocked with delicious pastries.  We provide fresh ground java, of course.  No rationing here, but our Coffee Games bundle is only here for a short time. 
Includes 3 coffees and our new Color-Change Mug.  Logo appears when hot liquid is added.  Colors vary with the printing process.  
shipping included!

New Monthly Subscription Boxes

New Teas

Make sure you check out the tea section for lots of new releases!

JM Be Ready Mystery Box!
September is National Preparedness Month and we have a mystery kit to help you be ready for anything! Full of car and home safety items and a special limited coffee. Just put your percolator over a fire and you’re ready to ride out the storm. Enjoy our limited Uganda Be Prepared unflavored medium roast coffee with notes of dark berry jam and a buttery finish.

This month we encourage you to make a plan, build a kit, and have a family plan for safety in your home and emergencies while you’re on the road. What’s the saying? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Safety On!
$54.99  Free shipping included. $5 from every box sold is being donated to Hurrican Ida Relief.

Uganda Be Prepared
Single origin Arabica beans from Uganda with notes of dark berry jam and a buttery finish.
Java Momma Roundup – August 15, 2021

Java Momma Roundup – August 15, 2021

It’s been another busy week at Java Momma with lots of new releases to help fill your coffee and tea dreams!

Wide Open Spaces Artisan Tea Collection
Whether you travel by horse, covered wagon, station wagon, or air stream, always leave things better than when you found them. That is our camper’s creed. Take along this collection of beautiful morning teas and ride off into the sunset a happy camper. Yeehaw!

This round-up of artisan teas includes 1-ounce bags of Hill Country Hiker, Apple Jack, and Texas BBQ!

New August Duo

Marshmallows go with chocolate and chocolate goes with mint. Just like these two favorites from our core line make the perfect pair for our August Duo. Includes 1/2 lb bag or 8 single-serve cups of Toasted Marshmallow Coffee and a 2-ounce bag of our Cocomint Loose Leaf Tea.

$20 includes shipping!

Picks now available individually

A smooth single-origin Colombian coffee, medium roasted to perfection. Be the king of the road with your aviators and live the Java Momma dream.
Are you even camping if you don’t have a fire, an iron skillet, and some cherry hand pies? Fried dough, cherry pie filling, and chocolate chips just to be extra.
You love the outdoors, but you love your air-conditioning even more. Roughing it is easy with the smooth creme and coffee liqueur flavors in a fancy travel mug.

Taming of the Brew
“If I be waspish, best beware my sting”– Katharine.
A fair apple pie is a temptress to even the staunchest of characters.
Warm apples in a sweet syrup topped with light cream and a dash of cinnamon.

Midsummer’s Night Bean
And though it be but little, it is fierce. Oh, the coffee bean. A limited single-source Colombian bean that is bright and sweet with molasses notes bursting just under the surface.

Much ado about Nothbean
Oh, dear coffee, “When you depart from me sorrow abides and happiness takes his leave.”
Caramel is worth all the ado when the cup is empty. For the sweet and tangy caramel, one must always go for a second serving.

To Bean or Not to Bean
That may be the question, but we know the answer! It’s always to bean! Beans enhanced with nutty flavors and vanilla creme. Trust your inner monologue…drink more coffee.

Java Momma Roundup – August 1, 2021

Java Momma Roundup – August 1, 2021

It’s been a HUGE week at Java Momma!

Happee Birthdae Harry
It’s officially our favorite wizard’s birthday! Let’s celebrate with our Three Broomsticks Butterbeer and Happee Birthdae Harry coffees!
Check out our new cheesecake flavors!
JM World Tour 2021 
2021 is rocking and we have an epic lineup waiting to take center stage. You won’t have to stand in line, but don’t wait. This is a hot ticket!

Cafe Mug-a Tour
Welcome to paradise!  Paradise in a cup, that is.  Vanilla cake donut, filled with sweet mocha cream, and a vanilla glaze drizzle.  

Red, White, and Blues Fest
Our beautiful berry blend on our signature Peaberry bean is the headliner you’ve been waiting in line for.  Add white chocolate chips into the mix and you won’t be singing the blues!  

Farewell Coffee Brick Road
The tour that we never want to end.  Chocolate-covered espresso beans rolled in chopped almonds.  Keep singing your song and doing the espresso-dile rock.  Naaa na na na na naaaa. 

Coffee Jam 
Rock out with a cup of fruit-filled scones.  Slightly sweetened pastry with mixed fruit for the perfect morning jam session. 
Each box comes with 1/2 lb or 8 single-serve cups of each flavor.  Shipping included!

September Subscriptions Released

It’s the first of the month and that means the new subscription boxes are released!

Java Momma Roundup – July 25, 2021

Java Momma Roundup – July 25, 2021

We are cleaning up….

The warehouse

We need to make room for lots of new goodies coming in for the end of the year so we have reduced the price on select mystery boxes and brought back our close out box!

Grab them while you can!

The clean up continues with brand new soaps in the body shop!

Lavender, coffee and charcoal facial soap – Shop now

Cardamon Turkish Coffee

This one will delight your senses!

Turkish Cardamon Coffee has a rich layer of complexity that pairs well with this Brazil bean’s fruity profile.
Use in a French Press or manual dripper for best results.

It’s a new mystery box

It’s almost back to school time and you will be decked out with the best supplies from our new mystery box!

Back to school? But it’s only July! We know! It’s never too early to get a head start. We have a box of goodies, artisan items, and branded supplies for you to jump to the head of the class! We are including 2021 edition World Famous Smart Cookie Coffee, so don’t miss it!

Our 2021 Year Book Edition of Smart Cookie Coffee is a baked delight of cinnamon graham, nuts, and creme.

$49.99 includes Surprise items plus 1/2 lb or 8 single-serve cups of Smart Cookie Coffee.

The Christmas in July frenzy continues!

We brought back two of our favorite Christmas collections – available for a limited time. You can buy the packs and save or you can grab your favorite individual flavors.

We’ve taken the train and hopped in the station wagon. Now it’s time to settle in at home and tell a Christmas Story. One with fudge, sweet coffee, and a bold shot in the eye. Don’t forget your bunny suit!
Up your cookie exchange game this year and serve coffee with a cookie twist.

We are updating our payment processing security - you will need to update your default payment details in order for payments to process - subscriptions will not run automatically unless this is done.

All new customer subscriptions will receive a bonus mug or tumbler in the first box!

Did you know all our coffee is small-batch roasted to order? Our normal order production time is 7-10 business days. It's totally worth the wait!