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Java Momma is Proud to be a Member of the Direct Selling Association!

Java Momma is proud to be a member of the Direct Selling Association!!!

Exciting news! As of June 2019, Java Momma is an official member of the Direct Selling Association and we are so excited!

What does this mean, you say? Well, let me tell you all about it and what this means for our Independent Baristas and customers. When Momma, a coffee enthusiast, wanted to start her own direct sales coffee company, she identified 2 priorities:

  1. To create a company that was unlike any other direct sales company. She was determined to take the things she loved about direct sales and include them in Java Momma. Momma also wanted to leave out all the crap that she didn’t like about direct sales.
  2. Momma was determined to craft and run a company that ran on the highest of moral and ethical standards.

She achieved both!

In this digital age, it is sometimes hard to determine what, on the big ‘ole web, is legit and what is not. In the past, many MLM companies have left a bad taste in the mouth of consumers and consultants. This is challenging for the “good folks” that are working hard to develop great products, companies, and cultures; like Momma. Early on, Momma knew that she wanted to be a part of the Direct Selling Association so that baristas and consumers could rest assured that Java Momma is legit.

But what is the Direct Selling Association?

Well, let’s check out the definition found on their website

“Direct Selling Association (DSA) is the national trade association for companies that market products and services directly to consumers through an independent, entrepreneurial sales force. DSA serves to promote, protect and police the direct selling industry while helping direct selling companies and their independent salesforce become more successful.

We started in 1910 as the Agents Credit Association by a group of representatives in Binghamton, New York hoping to resolve issues with agents unable to collect payments. Today we provide members various services from educational materials, access to industry research, networking opportunities, professional development, and other support programs. We work with Congress, government agencies, consumer protection organizations, and others on behalf of our nearly 130 member companies. One of the most pivotal roles we play is through our commitment to self-regulation and our Code of Ethics.”

 In the direct sales world, the Direct Selling Association is the bee’s knees. Their mission is “To protect, serve and promote the effectiveness of member companies and the independent business people they represent. To ensure member companies’ products and the direct selling opportunity is conducted with the highest level of business ethics.”

Cool, huh?

Well, let me tell you that becoming a member and proving that a company is living up to these standards is no cup of tea, which is great! Applying to the Direct Selling Association is not a guarantee that you will become a member. In fact, less than 50% of applications each year become members.

To become a member, Java Momma had to submit tons of information about the company including and not limited to the Policies and Procedures, compensation plan, operational information, business plans, marketing plans, and adhere to a high standard Code of Ethics. And let me tell you about the Code of Ethics. “DSA’s Code of Ethics is more than a series of guidelines on a page. It’s our standard for membership and an important way that companies using the direct selling channel are held accountable to regulators, consumers, members of their salesforce and the public.” (Source: DSA website/Code Review Process).

Source: dsa.org (Code Review Process)

Java Momma submitted all the required information at the end of 2017. It takes a year to be evaluated and potentially become a member. A year after you submit, a Board of Directors reviews the company and determines if membership is approved.

And we are excited to say that we are a DSA member! Momma is thrilled to see her vision come alive and for baristas and consumers to know that Java Momma runs on the highest ethical and moral standards! Our baristas and customers can be confident in our company and this makes Momma and all of us at Java Momma proud!

Interested in becoming a barista or customer? Contact the Independent Barista that referred you to this article or check out Java Momma. We would love to have you!


*Java Momma is also an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau and a proud member of the Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce.


12 Reasons you NEED to try Java Momma’s Single Serve Cups

If you are reading this, I am sure you have a single serve coffee maker at your house, in your office, at your school, or somewhere else that you frequent. They are everywhere and the easiest way to make a quick cup of Joe. There are so many options for single serve cups, how do you choose? Well, Java Momma’s are superior and ones you MUST have. There is no surprise that they are our #1 seller!

  1. Java Momma uses the best single-origin, high altitude, arabica beans. All of our coffee is responsibly grown.
  2. Our coffee is FRESH. Beans are roasted when you order. Our air roasting process is what gives Java Momma its fresh and smooth taste. Doesn’t get any better than that!
  3. Java Momma Single Serve Cups are available in ALL Java Momma’s coffee flavors. Customers LOVE our specialty flavors. We have staple flavors, but you never know when Momma will throw in something new and exciting. You know it will be delicious!
  4. Love variety and new things?  Our Single Serve Cups are now available in our monthly Momma’s Picks limited flavors. Every month, momma picks a theme and 3 new and limited flavors. 
  5. Momma’s Picks Single Serve Cups can be set up as a monthly subscription. Get new and limited flavors every month delivered to your door. Mama is always up to something good and you don’t want to miss it.
  6. Not only are they available in all flavors, but we have new and better cups! Great coffee deserves a great brew. Finally, you can attain coffee house quality in a single-serve! Better by design these cups have a deep-fill capacity for coffee house quality brewing made from 100% recyclable materials that help protect our precious environment.
  7. Java Momma coffee is sealed in our specialty cups immediately after being freshly roasted and ground.  This allows our cups to remain fresh for 4 months. This is a huge advantage over store-bought cups.
  8. Because Java Momma Single Serve Cups are self-venting the coffee can be packaged immediately after roasting and grinding.   Other companies’ coffee has to rest a few days after grinding before it can be sealed in the cups which results in most of the flavor being lost before they are packaged.
  9. Java Momma Single Serve Cups are available in regular or decaf.
  10. Our Single Serve Cups are compatible with Keurig 1.0 and Keurig 2.0 machines.
  11. When you purchase from Java Momma, you are supporting a small business.
  12. Java Momma is a member of the Direct Selling Association and has opportunities for you to see Java Momma Single Serve Cups and all other Java Momma offerings.

Want Java Momma Single Serve Cups or products?  Contact your Java Momma Independent Barista and they will hook you up!

Coffee & Cookies

Coffee and Cookies? Yes Please!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Shopping for gifts is tough,
So we made it easier on you!

Whether you’re into cheesy puns or sweet sentiments, we created two sets of free downloadable cards to share with your Valentine or Galentine this year!

Download these images below or Pin them to save them for the future: These are se!t to be printed on 8.5 x 11 paper and include the cut lines! Just click the image below and print! 

Gift Sets

Need a fabulous gift to show your sweetheart that you love them a latte? Our new gift sets have something for everybody! Of course, we have gifts for the coffee and tea lovers in your life, plus we also included some great new candles to set the mood, and a set of bath and body items to help you create your own at home spa day! Did we mention that each gift set ships free too?! Check them all out here.

Not sure what gift set your loved one, favorite teacher, or best friend would want the most? Java Momma E-Gift cards are now available for instant download. We have them available in $5, $15, $25 and $50 increments. Find those HERE.

Did someone say cookies? 

You all have been loving our epic peanut butter cookie and for the month of February, we are introducing the Red Velvet cookie! This decadent chocolate cookie is made with real cocoa and topped with a sweet cream cheese icing! Oh man, you may want to grab two, One for you and one for well, you. Shh, we won’t tell. Click the image below to get your cookie today! 

Fall in love with tea

February Momma’s Sips!

Dream Date

This half-fermented oolong tea with cocoa pieces, orange peels, marshmallows, and candied ginger pieces will make you feel like you just spent a day at the spa with you and your girlfriends! That’s the stuff dreams are made of. 

Dream Date

Dream Date Tea Close Up

Sounds yummy right? But what exactly does it mean to be half-fermented? That is just the technical old school name for Oolong tea. Oolong Tea is one of the most time-consuming teas to create. It utilizes all of the five basic steps, with rolling and oxidizing done repeatedly. These teas are anywhere from 8% oxidized to 80% (that’s measured roughly by looking at the amount of brown or red on the leaf while the tea is being made). The leaves are gently rolled, then allowed to rest and oxidize for a while. Then they’ll be rolled again, then oxidized, over and over. Over the course of many hours (sometimes days), what is created is a beautiful layering or “painting” of aroma and flavor.

Oolongs typically have much more complex flavor than Green or White teas, with very smooth, soft astringency and rich in floral or fruity flavors. Different styles of oolong tea can vary widely in flavor. They can be sweet and fruity with honey aromas, or woody and thick with roasted aromas, or green and fresh with complex aromas, all depending on the horticulture and style of production. 

The name oolong tea came into the English language from the Chinese name (simplified Chinese乌龙茶traditional Chinese烏龍茶pinyinwūlóng chá), meaning “black dragon tea”, in which the meaning black is generalized from crow/raven (), i.e. “black as a crow”. In Chinese, oolong teas are also known as qingcha (Chinesepinyinqīngchá) or “dark green teas”.

This tea does contain caffeine. 

The recommended infusion temperature is 212° F and then steeped for 3 minutes.

Pretty In Pink

Fruity, pink and poised is what makes this tea stand out! With candied pineapple pieces, candied papaya pieces, hibiscus petals, elderberries, beetroot pieces, strawberry pieces, guava pieces, and vanilla pieces it will make anyone blush. 

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink Close Up

Fruit tea is slightly different to other types of tea because – well – it’s not tea. We call it Tea for convenience, but fruit tea is simply dried fruits, sometimes with spices or flowers and herbs added.

If a fruit tea is prepared right, it should be naturally sweet and fruity, full of flavor. Dried fruit stewed in water has been consumed for centuries, it can be very refreshing and energy boosting. Fruit tea is packed with vitamins and antioxidants and is great for cleansing the body of toxins and keeping the immune system strong. In that aspect, it’s very similar to tea leaves, with regard to still having high levels of health benefits.

This tea contains no caffeine | Steep at 212° for 5-10 minutes.

Hey there hot-tea

This herbal blend with carrot pieces, peppermint leaves, licorice root, nana mint, and lavender blossoms will have anyone all steamy! 

Herbal hot tea

Hey there hot-tea close up

Herbal tea is an infusion or blend of various leaves, fruits, bark, roots, or flowers belonging to almost any edible, non-tea plant. In Europe and other areas of the world, herbal teas are commonly known as tisanes.

Herbal teas have existed for a very long time, but have surged in popularity over the past several decades thanks to their vibrant flavor, as well as their myriad mental, emotional, and physical health benefits. In an increasingly stressful and chaotic world, herbal teas present an opportunity to go back to basics and focus on wellness through a holistic approach.

Because they can be created from almost any combination of natural ingredients, there are a vast number of herbal tea varieties Each with their own flavor qualities and health benefits. The wide array of aromas and tastes delight the senses, while their healing properties have been lauded by traditional medicine for centuries. 

This tea contains no caffeine | Steep at 212° for 5-10 minutes.

Rae Dunn is here

It’s here, the brand new Rae Dunn collection.

You’re walking through Home Goods, Marshalls or TJ Maxx looking for Rae Dunn and, yet again, you didn’t make it in before the other local Dunners (that’s what die-hard hunters are called), and you leave empty-handed.  We get it, that’s frustrating for everyone involved! We had to stop the madness and have had requests from many of our baristas for more mugs so our founder, Melissa did something big & scary and reached out to Rae Dunn herself asking if we could carry her line and she directed her to the merchant inquiries… and here we are excited and totally obsessed with all the new items in our brand new Rae Dunn clay. collection!


Simplicity at its finest.

Because of the simplicity and crisp style of the Rae Dunn pieces, not only are they functional but they can be used as decor throughout your homes!  If you like the style of Rae Dunn but want a splash of color, check out the Rae Dunn Indigo Tall Mugs! This new tall mug collection includes deep shades of indigo blue to start the day with a breath of calm with inspirational sayings that make a surprise appearance on the inside rim.


Are you a Dunner?

What about you? Do you love this new partnership with Rae Dunn?  Are you a die-hard Dunner, or do you collect mugs just because?
Don’t worry, if you see an out of stock notice, we will have more in the future.  This trend is fairly new, but we believe it’s here to stay!
You can find all of our Rae Dunn offerings through your barista’s website, or by clicking the image below! Have fun, stay caffeinated and look for all the funn Dunn in the future! (yes, that rhyme was intended).

shop rae dunn java momma

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Caramel has joined the party!

Finally, Caramel has decided to join in on the iced latte party train! I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for that sweet iced caffeine kick!

Cool down and get a caffeine boost with our creamy Caramel Latte mix.  It features full-bodied espresso with an irresistible sweet caramel twist. Create creamy blended or iced caramel lattes in a flash with our convenient shelf-stable latte mix. Robust and delicious, it’s a perfect pick-me-up to enjoy anytime. Carefully formulated for premium flavor and consistent texture, our Caramel Latte Mix contains sugar, cream and a blend of high-quality ingredients that deliver smooth, rich taste with every sip.

From creamy blended iced coffee to cocktails with a caffeinated kick, Barista Fria allows you to make coffeehouse classics quickly and easily. Just blend with ice for a frozen frappe, or pour over ice for a refreshing chilled beverage.

How about we step it up a notch with this recipe:

Caramel Java Slide


    • 1 cup Vanilla Ice Cream
    • 1/2  Banana
    • 2 oz. Barista Fria® Caramel Latte
    • 1 oz. Caramel Syrup


  • Whipped Cream
  • Caramel Drizzle


Add measured ingredients into blender cup.*
Swirl glass with Caramel Syrup.
Pour blended mixture into glass.
Garnish and serve.

TIP: We have an amazing sugar free caramel syrup here!

This gluten-free Barista Fria mix contains no artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup and 0 grams trans fats per serving. Kosher certified.
Barista Fria Caramel Latte is available in an easy-to-pour 1-quart carton. Each carton makes about 11 8 oz. servings.

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Treat Yo’Self to a Latte

Treat yo’self to a Latte today!  This is a really neat product that Java Momma saw at the Baltimore Coffee Fest and we knew you HAD to have it!

Perk up and cool down with Caffe Latte. Create rich and creamy blended or iced cafe lattes with this ultra-versatile shelf-stable mix. Full of robust gourmet espresso, this delicious mix makes a perfect anytime pick-me-up.  More flavors coming soon (look for Mocha and Caramel)!

Contains sugar, cream and a blend of high-quality ingredients for smooth, consistent texture. Contains no artificial flavors, no high fructose corn syrup, and 0 grams trans fats per serving. Kosher certified. Gluten-free as well!

Instructions: Blend with ice for a chilly frozen frappe, or pour over ice for a refreshing beverage. Mixologists, take note: our delectable mix pairs well with a host of liquors and liqueurs.

How will you drink this?  In your favorite to-go mug?  In the latest Java Momma Mug of the Month…wait, what’s that???  Check it out HERE.  However you decide to transport your Caffe Latte – Java Momma is sure you will love it.

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Treat Yo'Self to a Latte

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Java Momma Single Serve Cocoa

Java Momma Single Serve Cocoa

Java Momma Single Serve Cocoa

Java Momma Single Serve Cocoa is back and it’s better than ever!  We have a full line of Cocoa, Mocha and Chai tea ready for your mug.  Just add water (or milk for a creamier taste)!

Seventeen flavors of Mocha, Cocoa and Chai! Yes, you read that correctly!  17 different decadent flavors!

Let me give you a preview:  Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Raspberry, Toasted Coconut, Peppermint…dare I go on?

Take your cocoa to the next level with a hand held milk frother!  The frother will be sure to mix up all of the powder, milk/water and anything else you have included in your drink so it’s nice and smooth!

Not sure which to try first?  Schedule a tasting with a Barista near you!  We also have coffee and tea that will blow your mind.

Java Momma Single Serve Cocoa!!!!!

(I am just so excited!)

Java Momma Single Serve Cocoa

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They’re baaaaaaaaaack! Java Momma Single-Serve Cups

Java Momma single-serve cups!  They’re back and we’re SO excited

Java Momma Single Serve Cups

Java Momma Single Serve Cups are back and better than ever. The JM Cups are fresh roasted, 2.0 compatible, and come in a large variety of blends and flavors:

  • Momma’s Blend
  • Momma’s Blend Decaf
  • Not the Momma’s
  • Jamaican Me Crazy
  • Pecan Sticky Bun
  • Cookie Doodle
  • Highlander Grogg
  • Rainforest Crunch
  • Jingle Bell Java
  • Sea Salt Caramel Mocha

Momma’s Blend (and Decaf), Cookie Doodle, and Highlander Grogg are best sellers! Jingle Bell Java was a winter favorite. Jamaican Me Crazy, Pecan Sticky Bun, Rainforest Crunch, Sea Salt Caramel Mocha, and Not the Momma’s Blend are quickly rising to the top of the best seller list!! Which is your favorite? Ours is Jamaican Me Crazy 😉

Get 12 Java Momma Single serve cups for $16.99.  Which flavor will you try today?

February Releases!

March Momma’s Picks will have you BEGGING for Spring!

Order now and get this shipped on March 7.  You will receive one half pound of each flavor and a special gift!  Put this on recharge and receive 10% off and never miss a Momma’s Pick!

March Limited Edition Flavors include:

Irish Crème – Irish crème just without the whiskey! This is a delicious blend of cream, nut, chocolate, & vanilla.
Coconut Crème – Fresh coconut with a hint of cream, has me wishing for warmer weather.
Irish Apple Cake – Spice cake with delicious juicy apples. All the flavors of a traditional Irish apple cake.

$29.99, includes free shipping!




March Mug of the Month will give you the Luck O’ the Irish!  $17.99 and this beauty ships on March 10, 2017.  Subscribe for a 10% discount, or collect the ones you love.  Well, of course you need to subscribe because you’ll love them ALL!