Here’s a checklist of things to do while you anxiously await the arrival of your New Barista Kit from Java Momma!


  • Purchase office supplies. We recommend envelopes. These are great for mailing samples if you so choose as well as host and opportunity packets if you plan on doing any in-person activities. A 3 ring binder with 12 divider tabs (one for each month of the year).  This is great for printing out promotional information that you may want on hand, as well as a place to organize any host datasheets. Pens, datebook, and mileage log.


  • Join our Heartbeat Community a wonderful community where all Baristas can gather in one place.  


  • Create Your Social Media Platforms. Although many Baristas choose to be a part of the social media world, creating a social media platform is not a requirement of being successful with Java Momma.  You can choose to build your brand and presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.  When doing this please make sure to follow the guidelines on branding (Back Office Training #6, page 4).  You may create your own graphics; use what has been shared in the Graphics group, etc.  Just remember that you are building a community around your brand.


  • Mark your calendar with team meeting dates or dates that you have contact calls with your upline sponsor. Make sure to connect with your upline to set these up.  They will also share with you when they typically have full team meetings.  Some do once a month.  Other leaders may have them twice a month (one at the beginning and one mid-month), others may do a quick team touch base call once a week.  Speak with your upline to collect further details. 


  • Log onto the Barista Portal online and work through the training. To login, simply go to and then click on “Log In”.  The email and password that you used to sign up as a Barista will be your login information.  Once you have logged in, click on Resources, Training and Support, and then Training Page.  Here you will find three categories of training.  They include Back Office Training, Business Training, and Product Training.  These courses will help you get started on completing your FRENCH PRESS ELITE! The training you find here is a fabulous resource and will the beginning guide along with your sponsors support to guide your activities as you build a strong foundation for your new business.


  • Set up Hyperwallet and Skywallet in your back office. (#1 and  #2 in back-office training)  Hyperwallet is the electronic account where all your commissions and bonuses are deposited. You can then transfer funds from your Hyperwallet to your compensation card or up to two bank accounts. Skywallet is a spending account in the back office before it pays out to your debit card, and you can update that amount at any time.


  • Order business cards and make labels. Both should have your name, phone number, email address, website, and social media sites (if applicable).  Both are available at any office supply store or through an online retailer such as  If you prefer, you can also print with your computer.  We all know why business cards are important, but labels come in handy when you want to place your information on a product.  This is by no means to change the Java Momma product, but just to share with your customers how and where they can contact you to answer any questions and reorder.  Please make sure to follow the P&P on branding.  (#6 in back-office training)


  • Set up a 3 ring booking binder. Use divider tabs for each month along with a section for frequently referenced items.  Print off 12 host datasheets.


  • If you plan on hosting in-home parties or participating in face-to-face events, some type of bag/envelope to hold checks and cash collected and make change is important.


  • Open a separate FREE personal checking account for all business transactions. It is always a good idea as it keeps your business transaction separate from your personal account.  Many Baristas also use PayPal and Venmo, as check writing has gone a bit by the wayside.  For credit card transactions, it is best to have the customer order directly online through Java Momma’s secured site.  Having a tool, such as Square, can also work for Credit Card transactions.


  • Get those around you excited to be a part of your Java Momma community by scheduling your first 2 parties. They can be online or in-person!  Make one of them your launch party, where you get to act as both the Host and Barista!  Then make sure to jot down a quick list of 10 people who you know love coffee and/or tea and ask them to be one of your first hosts!  By letting them know that you couldn’t wait to share with them all that Java Momma has to offer and that you are looking forward to helping them to earn everything on their wish list for FREE!

  Enjoy the fact you are now well prepared to begin your new business venture!!



For continued success in your new business you will want to:

  • Brew yourself some Java Momma! If you haven’t already, grab a sample bag of coffee from your box and Just Brew It!  The intoxicating aroma of coffee when you open your box is amazing!  What are you waiting for?  Pick the one you want, brew, settle in, and enjoy!


  • Become familiar with your New Barista Kit from Java Momma and any written materials. These can include any current host/guest specials, order forms, Moka Pot (Java Momma’s monthly incentive program) as well as Java Momma’s compensation and leadership program.  These flyers can also be found under Resources, Barista Printable in the back office.


  • Continue to work on your training sessions in the back office. By now you are well on your way to Business Training and Product Training.  The more comfortable you are with everything, the easier it will be to help your customers, your future team members, and yourself.  It’s a time to learn, grow, and celebrate what you are working towards!


  • Get to know B.E.A.N.S This is a fun acronym for Besties, Extended Family, Acquaintances, Neighbors, People you know because of your Spouse and kids and people you know because of your Spouse.  By just thinking of 5-10 people in each category, you are on your way to building a great list of people to share Java Momma with! (Look for a great printable to use under Business Training)


  • Read and re-read the Party Information on the Training Page (Back Office Training #9) This training walks you through how to set up a party and has some commonly asked questions about a party. Make sure you have discussed with your upline, how to host an online or in-person gathering. A few great things to “cover” at your party include:
  1. A Welcome
  2. Something about yourself
  3. How Java Momma Started
  4. Some Coffee or Tea Facts/Trivia
  5. How JM makes/roasts/flavors coffee
  6. A Few of your Favorite Things
  7. Limited Edition Items/Specials
  8. Subscription Boxes
  9. The Host Program
  10. The Business Opportunity
  11. How to Shop with JM & Shipping Times
  12. Maybe a fun recipe or game to share

This may sound like a lot, but in reality, it’s quick, fun and you can make it your own!  Your party has your signature and personality.  Your customers will love Java Momma but they purchase from you!  It’s what you bring to the table, per se.  If you’re nervous, make yourself note cards.  It’s ok!  Your guests and customers will be fine with your learning in order to share the information you have.  Being duplicable is important in your journey.

  • If you haven’t already done so, schedule and plan your first 2 Parties.  A qualified party is one with 4 separate orders with total sales reaching $100 before shipping and tax (if applicable).  Each party can be open for no longer than 14 days.  Your launch party counts! This is also a part of you earning FRENCH PRESS ELITE!
  • Have Host Planners ready and available to those who choose to host. A Hostess Packet is available in the back office under Barista Printable.  It has everything you need to get the party off on the right foot!  Along with a sample of coffee or tea for the host, you will have everything there you need to coach her to a successful party. Make sure to print out the Barista Compensation plan and add it to that Host Packet!
  • Try to schedule 2 bookings from every party you hold.   Your business will grow and prosper!


  • Understand and Enrol 2 customers with a Java Momma subscription (must not be your own). Subscriptions can be Momma’s Picks, Momma’s Sips, Mug of the Month, Monthly Mystery Box, or any of Java Momma’s products that your customer wishes to receive on a consistent basis.  (Back Office Training #11)


  • Understand and embrace Sponsoring.  Under Barista Printable (Under Resources) in the back office are our Leadership Steps.  Java Gourmet, Java Leader, and Roaster are the different levels of Java Momma’s Leadership program.  (You can learn about becoming a leader in Back Office Training).  These printable check charts are easy to follow and along with your uplines guidance and support are something you can discuss at any time along your Java Momma journey.
  • Make sure you are active on your team page and check Java Central and the Graphics group often. These are fabulous resources for information, business updates, and training.  Plus, if you have a question and are unable to connect with your sponsor/upline, there is always someone ready, willing, and able in these forums to help you out.


  • Be excited! We are confident that you have everything it takes to be successful and grow your business.  Enjoy, have fun, and if you need help; Java Momma is here for you!

Congratulations!  You have just started your own home-based business, and the sky is the limit!