Now introducing the Java Momma and Chill binge box! Who loves to sit and binge a good series? We do! Well, now you can binge a series with the binge box! What is your favorite thing to watch?


The new Java Momma and Chill box set comes with 4 new flavors:  J&Ms Chocolates, Rainbow Drops, Caramel & Chocolate Dudes, and Blue Ice Freezies. You can but the set of 4 in the box, or you can buy each individual flavor. Either way, you are going to love these flavors!

J&Ms Chocolates
In this case, you won’t mind if the chocolate is melted.  Even with a sweet candy coating, the chocolate is still the star.  Milk chocolate and dark chocolate coffees’ notes are the buddy drama we’ve all been waiting for.  Go ahead, watch another episode, and pour another cup.

J amd M Chocolates

Rainbow Drops
The kids are home and you’re so done with the Paw Explorer Super Princesses.  It’s cool. Put on some retros 80’s cartoons and brony up! Pour this rainbow in a cup and let the reruns keep on playing.

rainbow Drops

Caramel Chocolate Dudes
Dude.  Chocolate Covered Caramel candy in a bucket of buttered popcorn is the best movie theater snack ever.  Fight me. It’s messy, but still. You’re on your own for the popcorn, but we got the candy craving covered.

Caramel Dudes
Blue Ice Freezies
What’s a movie without a brain freeze and a blue tongue?  The brain freeze will have to wait, but how about summer berry coffee? No drama here, just an action-packed sweet and tart cup of Java Momma magic.

blue Ice Freezies


Interested in purchasing the box set or the individual flavors? Contact the Independent Barista that referred you to this post!