What is a social?

If you are wondering what exactly is a social then you are in the right place. We here at Java Momma like to call our parties; socials. This is because we feel that is what sharing Java Momma is all about. There is something special about getting together with your friends and sharing the best cup of coffee or tea and socializing. Why not earn some free goods while you’re at it. 

How do you have a Java Momma Social? First, you need to find your barista. These are the consultants who are trained to teach you all about our products. If you don’t already have one we have a tool HERE you can use. Second, you get to decide how you want to have this social. You can have one online in your jammies or you can have an in-person social where your friends get to sample and order at the event. Totally up to you. Have fun with it and get caffeinated.   

How about that free stuff?

We like to think we have some pretty sweet host rewards. On a regular basis, we offer three different levels of rewards. The first level starts at just $100-$249 in retail sales and 4 different orders. With that, you get to spend 10% of those sales on your own product and you get a bonus 2oz tea from us. The next level is at $250 – $499 and 8 different orders. There you get 15% of those retail sales in product and the 2oz tea PLUS a whole pound of coffee on us. Then finally we have the last level at anything over $500 in retail sales and 12 different orders. You not only get the 15% of retail sales in free stuff, you also get five 2oz teas and two pounds of coffee on us. 

With all three levels, you also get a sweet bonus gift that changes each month. We have done everything from custom touch screen gloves to adorable potted plants. Talk about cool beans. Pun intended. 

Why am I seeing double?

Yep, we are doing something we have never done before. For the months of February and March all socials will get double rewards! That means you get double everything! Instead of getting 10% at level one and one tea, you get 20% and 2 teas! Same with levels 2 and 3. Double it all! These are unheard of discounts for us and an incredible opportunity for you! Is there something that is out of your price range that you have been eyeing? Now you have the opportunity to get that free! 

So what are you waiting for? Go find your barista and book a social today! 

Feb double host coorprate
MAR double host coorprate

Fourth of July Weekend Free Coffee! Spend $30 & get a free 2 oz coffee sample, spend $50 get a free 1/2 lb bag and sample!