Getting paid from Java Momma

Let’s walk through the steps to make sure you are paid on time from Java Momma. You will need to have this set up BEFORE your first commission is paid to you. As soon as your account is active follow these steps. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU COMPLETE THESE STEPS! Your first commission will be paid out to your Hyperwallet card & Hyperwallet will email you the first Friday AFTER you have completed your profile.

To complete your Skywallet profile log into your back office with the Username & password you signed up with. Select MY PROFILE under the Menu.

Getting Paid

In your PROFILE section completely fill out this information to match what the IRS & Social Security have on file. If this information doesn’t match, your Hyperwallet account can not be activated. You can use the PUBLIC PROFILE section to display a different name for your customers & team to see. Click SAVE CHANGES when you have completed your profile.

Now, it’s time to set up your Skywallet Payout!

1: Select My Skywallet Payout on the Menu

3: Select Add Payout Method

4: Under Payout Method select Hyperwallet, name it & click Make this method Active.

5: You can leave a minimum in your Sky Wallet to spend in the back office before it pays out to your debit card, and you can update that amount at any time.  Click save. 

Hyperwallet will contact you to set up your pay card when your first commission is posted. To learn more about Hyperwallet please visit our Hyperwallet training page. 

What is Skywallet? Watch the video below for a quick review from our founder and CEO Melissa Shoop.