It’s here, the brand new Rae Dunn collection.

You’re walking through Home Goods, Marshalls or TJ Maxx looking for Rae Dunn and, yet again, you didn’t make it in before the other local Dunners (that’s what die-hard hunters are called), and you leave empty-handed.  We get it, that’s frustrating for everyone involved! We had to stop the madness and have had requests from many of our baristas for more mugs so our founder, Melissa did something big & scary and reached out to Rae Dunn herself asking if we could carry her line and she directed her to the merchant inquiries… and here we are excited and totally obsessed with all the new items in our brand new Rae Dunn clay. collection!


Simplicity at its finest.

Because of the simplicity and crisp style of the Rae Dunn pieces, not only are they functional but they can be used as decor throughout your homes!  If you like the style of Rae Dunn but want a splash of color, check out the Rae Dunn Indigo Tall Mugs! This new tall mug collection includes deep shades of indigo blue to start the day with a breath of calm with inspirational sayings that make a surprise appearance on the inside rim.


Are you a Dunner?

What about you? Do you love this new partnership with Rae Dunn?  Are you a die-hard Dunner, or do you collect mugs just because?
Don’t worry, if you see an out of stock notice, we will have more in the future.  This trend is fairly new, but we believe it’s here to stay!
You can find all of our Rae Dunn offerings through your barista’s website, or by clicking the image below! Have fun, stay caffeinated and look for all the funn Dunn in the future! (yes, that rhyme was intended).

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