October Momma’s Picks

I cannot believe we are talking about October already! Halloween, fall leaves and pumpkin spice everything! I seriously saw pumpkin spice hummus in the store the other day. I did not even know that it existed. How about you, are you ready for October yet? Do you have your fall decorations up, or are you waiting for the first leaf to drop? Either way, we have some amazing and scrumptious subscriptions to send your way this October. Check each one out below! 

 hocus Pocus coffee

First up, we have Octobers Momma’s Picks with three exclusive coffee flavors & a themed gift! This box has free shipping and you can even save 10% by having it on auto subscribe! Can you tell we have a thing for Halloween? We were not kidding when we said we would have a spell on you and have you dancing until you die with these amazing flavors. Pretty sure you can’t get more fall than these. Pumpkin spices, Cinnamon, Butter Rum, Caramel, and Chocolate! Order now and get this shipped on October 10th. Just in time to for all your hocus pocus shenanigans! 


October Momma’s Sips

Coffee not your thing? That’s OK, we have a tea for that! I am currently obsessing over our teas. Drinking them over ice is my new jam. These ship on October 20th and also have free shipping. So, what’s in the box?  Three exclusive loose leaf tea flavors that will have you running Amok, Amuk and Amuck. However you choose to spell it you need to check out these amazing descriptions: 

October loose leaf tea hocus pocus

Black Flame – Whatever you do, don’t light the black flame! This black tea will ignite your inner witch!

INGREDIENTSBlack tea – Black currant
Ingredients: black tea -Ceylon, -South India, -China, flavor, black currants, black currant leaves

Amuk – Amuk, Amuk, Amuk – That is what this tea is! However you spell it, you will be running amuk all night!

INGREDIENTS: Fruit melange
Ingredients: apple pieces(apple, acidifier: citric acid) raisins, candied papaya pieces(papaya, sugar), carrot pieces, beetroot pieces, flavor, pumpkin pieces, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, rose petals

Yabos Brew– In fact, we love these yabos! Google it, I triple dog dare ya. Or don’t, it’s all just a bunch of hocus-pocus anyway.

INGREDIENTS: Herbal Infusion Spicy chocolate
Ingredients: cocoa pieces, rooibos, ginger pieces, roasted chicory root, barley malt, cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, flavor, cardamom, black pepper


October Mug of the Month

Does the thought of another glorious morning make you sick? Are you the fourth Sanderson sister?  Then this months Mug of the Month is for you. This mug is a 19oz smooth molded ceramic with a speckled color exterior finish and a wide curved grip for easy Grab-N-Go Handling. This ships October 7th!


Hocus Pocus Coffee Mug

Remember you have until September 30th to get these amazing deals. They can be one time subscriptions or continuous. How fun is that?!