Monday and Tuesday we will be having Momma’s Prime Two-Day Yard Sale. There will be different sales that start at Noon each day EST and a new sale item will be released every two hours through 8PM EDT. Details are on the individual sale graphics and everything will be available to purchase though Wednesday 11:59 PM EDT or until they sell out.

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO free shipping on any of the Prime Two-Day Yard Sale items. These sales are heavily discounted and people can stock up and fill their carts. All sales are final, except for any damage during shipping.

Starts 12 Noon EST 7/11/2022

Starts 2 PM EST 7/11/2022

Starts 4 PM EST 07/11/2022

Body Shop 4pm Marketing
Lemon Canister 4pm Marketing copy

Starts at 6 PM EST 7/11/2022

Sallys Almond Tart 6pm Marketing

Starts 8 PM EST 7/11/2022

Flamingo Drink Set You wanna peach 8pm Marketing copy
Flamingo Drink Set Tropical Peaches 8pm Marketing copy

Day Two – 2-Day Yard Sale

Starts 12 PM EST 7/12/2022

Starts 2 PM EST 7/12/2022

Glitch in the Matrix 2pm Marketing 1
Olivewood Bread Bowls 2pm Marketing 1

Starts 4 PM EST 7/12/2022

Starts 6 PM EST 7/12/2022

Beachy Duo 6pm SKU

Starts 8 PM EST 7/12/2022

Bath Bombs 8pm SKU 1
Mug Clearance 8pm SKU 1
Assorted Mugs $5