Today is a pretty exciting day here at Java Momma.  After lots of planning and our roaster working at his cauldron making new potions, we are thrilled to announce The Wizard Collection! We’ve been keeping this a secret for a while, but the brooms lined up and we were ready to launch! We know you will love these products as we do!

Let me tell you how this came about. Last month we launched our Three Broomsticks Butterbeer and it has been a huge hit: Accio Coffee! You’re going to need it on your way to wizarding school. Stop by Three Broomsticks and grab yourself some Java Momma Butterbeer coffee. The sweet buttery Elixer will remind you that happiness can be found even the darkest time if one only remembers to turn on the light! Butter Beer Coffee

We knew then we were going to expand the wizardry and offer more flavors and options, but we needed some time to perfect our creativity – and we are thrilled to be launching all these new items.  Who knows?  Maybe there will be more coming in the future.

So today we are thrilled to announce that we have 4 new flavors:

How exciting are they?  The cool thing is that you can order any individual house that you like above in 1/2 lb (auto-drip) or our single-serve cups; available in regular and decaf. Plus, there are 2 other options to these flavors:

The Wizard House Four
Want all the flavors? Then this set is for YOU! Enjoy the freshly brewed taste of each java house. This limited-edition set comes with four coffee flavors in regular or decaf and ½ lb. bags or 8 single-serve cups of each flavor. Only the bravest and brightest wizards can conquer all four java houses. Get them now before the dark world snatches them up.

Flavors Included:
Gryffindark – Loyal, brave, daring, and adventurous are the true traits of this dark blend. Sweet, coconutty, and roasted to perfection make this coffee the unlikeliest of heroes.

Ravendream – Clever, witty, and intellectual are the traits of this coffee.  This creative sweet cream is the dream coffee that will make you a loyal raven.

Hufflenut – Hard-working, loyal, patient, and dedicated are the traits of this coffee.  Toasty, nutty, sweet, and pure of heart make this coffee anyone’s champion.

Slytherberry – Ambitious, cunning, proud, and resourceful are the traits of this coffee. Lightly sweet with a bit of tart means this coffee can compete with the best of all the berry coffees.

wizard house four

The Box That Shall Not Be Named
What java house will you be sorted into? Are you loyal and brave, clever and witty, hard-working and loyal, or ambitious and cunning? Do you prefer dark, cream, nutty or berry? Sip your way to the java house where you belong.

This Box that Shall Not Be Named comes with a choice of your preferred java house flavor, in your choice of: regular or decaf, 1/2 lb bag or 12 single-serve cups.  Other mystery wizarding goodies will also be included. May include invisibility cloak. *Java Momma is not responsible for shenanigans that occur under the disguise of an invisibility cloak.

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 Lots of good stuff!  Get yours today by going to Java Momma or contacting the Independent Barista that referred you to this link!