The week began with a bomb….a glitter bomb!

We introduced a brand new range of edible glitters, shimmer dusts and sugar sand to fancy up your drinks and baking! Lots of combinations to choose from and guaranteed to add a sparkle to your day!

It’s an unstoppable duo to start off September!

Coffee made to save the day! Our latest Duo is the stuff of heroes with our new Black Widow and The 10 Rings.

1/2 lb auto drip or 8 single serve cups of each coffee for 24.99. Includes shipping!

Black Widow
When you are done running from your past sleep, dive into this beautiful blend of unflavored South American beans and embrace the day!
10 Rings
A legendary coffee is a product of all the coffees that came before. The medium and the dark roasts. Rich coffee flavored with chocolate and cream is the legacy of its power.

Coffee Games

Ever wonder what happened after the games?  Kat supplies berries to the bakery and the bakery keeps the coffee house stocked with delicious pastries.  We provide fresh ground java, of course.  No rationing here, but our Coffee Games bundle is only here for a short time. 
Includes 3 coffees and our new Color-Change Mug.  Logo appears when hot liquid is added.  Colors vary with the printing process.  
shipping included!

New Monthly Subscription Boxes

New Teas

Make sure you check out the tea section for lots of new releases!

JM Be Ready Mystery Box!
September is National Preparedness Month and we have a mystery kit to help you be ready for anything! Full of car and home safety items and a special limited coffee. Just put your percolator over a fire and you’re ready to ride out the storm. Enjoy our limited Uganda Be Prepared unflavored medium roast coffee with notes of dark berry jam and a buttery finish.

This month we encourage you to make a plan, build a kit, and have a family plan for safety in your home and emergencies while you’re on the road. What’s the saying? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Safety On!
$54.99  Free shipping included. $5 from every box sold is being donated to Hurrican Ida Relief.

Uganda Be Prepared
Single origin Arabica beans from Uganda with notes of dark berry jam and a buttery finish.

We are updating our payment processing security - you will need to update your default payment details in order for payments to process - subscriptions will not run automatically unless this is done.

All new customer subscriptions will receive a bonus mug or tumbler in the first box!

Did you know all our coffee is small-batch roasted to order? Our normal order production time is 7-10 business days. It's totally worth the wait!