Spice Dune Set

The Spice Dune Set

The mystery of coffee isn’t a problem to solve but an experience to savor.

To save one from inferior coffee is a gift from paradise. Experience two coffees inspired by two different worlds and a mystery spice to add to your kitchen collection.

Spice Melange

Taste the coffee and sweet cinnamon for an invigorating sip.

Orchards of Caladan

From the high castle, you can see the orchards filled with fruit trees. We baked these apples over fires on the beach and filled them with butter and brown sugar.

Receive 1/2 pound or 8 single serve cups of each flavor

Decaf available for $4 extra

Holiday Dessert Tray

The dessert tray flavors are now available individually!

Banana%20Coffee%20Toffee%20Tart 2

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