WOW what a week!

The releases have come hot and fast this week with Thanksgiving and Cyber Weekend.

Back this week:


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Nothing is cooler than a Peppermint loving Penguin. He likes to kick back with a holiday candy cane and totally chill! Turn up the cool in your cup with this peppermint-flavored coffee and let the festivities begin!
dance of the nutcracker web k cup
Clara is dreaming away, her toy nutcracker standing guard as the snowflakes dance outside the window. A fire crackles as you savor this roasted, browned butter coffee and let the holidays begin.

New Mystery Box

Christmas Mystery
Bells are jingling and lights are twinkling! It’s time to bake up some fun and pop open our Christmas Mystery box! Loaded with fun holiday items and a yummy coffee, don’t wait! The quantity is limited and guaranteed Christmas delivery must be made by Dec 7th!
Christmas 2
Christmas 4
Christmas 1

Back for another round

feats of strength Web
It’s a Festivus Miracle! You won’t find this extra dark roast distracting; it has a high strength-to-weight ratio for the Airing of the Grievances. Serve it with meatloaf and spaghetti, then commence the Feats of Strength.

Tea, Glorious Tea!

Cold mornings and cozy evenings both call for tea. This new collection from our Artisan line is the perfect collection to add to your pantry or use for your office gift exchange. What the heck, YOU GET TEA and YOU GET TEA! Everyone is getting TEA!

A Favorite Returns to the Station

express web
All Aboard the Java Momma Express! Take a four-stop tour on this polar ride and taste the Penguin’s Peppermint, enjoy the Dance of the Nutcracker, smell the spice of Jingle Bell Java, and savor Frosty’s Favorite before he melts away! This limited bundle includes all four flavors and will be gone before you realize you’ve lost your bell!
Old Marley is back with some new and old ghosts!
From the past, he brought back Caribbean Beach with its cacao bean and sea salt.
The spirit of coffee present has nuts and vanilla to warm your soul.
Images and flavors of the future evoke a sweet and creamy hard candy.
Jacob, we promise to change our ways if you keep bringing these amazing concoctions!

This limited box includes shipping and will be gone before you can say, “Bah! Humbug!”
cocoa bomb set
Cocoa bombs are all they’re cracked up to be! We paired a handmade milk chocolate hot cocoa bomb with a cozy hands cocoa mug and a rustic sign for this very limited set.
Mommas Original K cup web 1
Java Momma Coffee and smooth buttery, brown sugar toffee. Oh yeah.

Phew! It’s been a huge week – let’s see what December brings!