Java Momma Makes

We are so excited to announce our new recipe book has arrived!

A glorious collection of recipes made with products from Java Momma! Savory main dishes and sides, delectable drinks, and irresistible desserts. All with mouth-watering photos and tips and tricks.  

java momma makes recipe book

Winter Holiday Flavors

Penguins Peppermint SKU
Nothing is cooler than a Peppermint-loving Penguin. He’s ready to start a snowball fight and launch this minty fresh peppermint coffee into your mug!
dance of the nutcracker
Clara is dreaming away, her toy nutcracker standing guard as the snowflakes dance outside the window. A fire crackles as you savor this roasted, browned butter coffee and let the holidays begin.

Holiday Mystery Box

Holiday Mystery
Our Holiday Mystery Box is back with loads of fun, cute holiday decor, and an exclusive coffee, tea, and cocoa! Receive all the goodies, 1/2 lb or 8 single-serve cups of Momma’s Special Coffee, 2 ounce bag of Momma’s Special Tea, and a special cocoa! This great box is the perfect gift for yourself or anyone on your list!

All Aboard the Java Express!

Java Express Christmas SKU
Take a coffee stop tour on this polar ride and taste the Holidays with just a jingle of a bell! Choose from Penguin’s Peppermint, Dance of the Nutcracker, Jingle Bell Java, Java Claus, Twas the Night, and Frosty’s Favorite.

Choose 4 flavors from our lineup of holiday favorites. Mix and match as you please!
Elf Trio SKU
Our favorite December Elf is in back in town for a visit and brought some of his best coffee flavors. Papa Elf is so proud!
Leon’s Favorite
Leon has been one of Buddy’s longest friends. He enjoys his icy home at the North Pole but loves a sweet brew with warm cinnamon graham cracker and a hint of cream and nuts.
Son of a Nutcracker
We just couldn’t resist. With coffee tasting of rich cocoa and hazelnut spread you are sure to yell, “Son of a Nutcracker” on your first sip!
Buddy’s Brew
Buddy’s perfect date involves ice skating and drinking eggnog. The perfect eggnog with a sprinkle of gingerbread spice and cinnamon cookies.
Spirit of Coffees set SKU
Old Marley is back with some new and old ghosts!
From the past, he brought back a regal flavor with cinnamon and fluffy cake.
The spirit of coffee present has nuts and vanilla to warm your soul.
Images and flavors of the future evoke a chocolate cookie and sweet cream.
Jacob, we promise to change our ways if you keep bringing these amazing concoctions!
This limited box includes shipping and will be gone before you can say, “Bah! Humbug!”
Cinnamon King Cake:
Layers of pastry filled with cinnamon and sugar then topped with a sweet glaze taste like luck and prosperity!
Island Dreams:
A tropical blend of nuts and rich vanilla creme
Cookies and Cream:
Chocolate cookies and sweet cream

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