Java Momma has had a busy week with a plethora of new releases and restocks for customers to enjoy. Here’s a roundup of what you might have missed this week:

Restocked Cold Brew Teas

Java Momma has restocked some of their most popular cold brew tea flavors including Cinnamon Almond Kiss, Fruit Sangria and Iced Dreams. These refreshing and flavorful teas are perfect for warmer weather and are sure to be a hit if you missed out on them before.

Iced Dreams Cold Brew Tea SKU 2023
Cinnamon%20Almond%20Kiss Cold%20Brew%20Tea SKU
Fruit%20Sangria Cold%20Brew%20Tea SKU

April’s Sips and Picks Flavors

If you missed out on April’s Sips and Picks flavors, don’t worry – they are now available individually until June 4th.

April Picks List
April Sips List FOR WEB copy

You loved them so much we restocked on the J.T. Copper Syrups that help take you coffee and tea creations to the next level!

Shop%20Small%20JT%20Copper%20Syrups SKU%20(1)

Build Your Own Spice ‘Flights’

Java Momma is now offering a build-your-own spice flight deal where customers can buy three spices and get 10% off. This is a great opportunity for customers to mix and match their favorite spices and save some money while doing it.

Spice Flights 3

May Picks and Sips and Mug of the Month Boxes

Java Momma has released their May Picks and Sips and Mug of the Month boxes with a Buzzing Along theme. Customers can try out three limited edition coffees and three limited edition teas for a taste of something new and exciting.

May Picks List FOR WEB
May Mug of the month FOR WEB
May Sips List FOR WEB

Bloomin’ Spring Join Special

Java Momma is offering a Bloomin’ Spring Join Special this month for those interested in joining our team. This special offer is a great way to get started with Java Momma and start building your own business.

Bloomin Join Special

National Pet Month Limited Edition Flavors

To celebrate National Pet Month, Java Momma has released two limited edition flavors – Cats or Dogs. These new flavors are sure to be a hit with pet lovers and coffee enthusiasts alike.

Cats vs dogs Marketing

Cinco De Mayo Spicy Favorites

Java Momma has brought back three spicy favorites – Churro, Cayenne Caramel Apple Dumpling, and Habanero Chocolate Raspberry – to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. These limited edition flavors are only available for a short time, so be sure to try them out while you can.

Cinco de mayo 2023 Marketing 2

In honor of World Naked Gardening Day, Java Momma has released a new product – Gardening Soap. This soap is perfect for gardeners who want to clean up after a day of digging in the dirt.

Gardeners Soap Marketing 1

Revenge of the Sips

For those who love a good mystery, Java Momma has released Revenge of the Sips – mystery tea for $5.99. This is a great opportunity to try something new and exciting without knowing exactly what you’re getting.

Revenge of the Sips Marketing

Overall, Java Momma has had a busy week with a lot of exciting releases and restocks for customers to enjoy. Be sure to check out some of these new products before they’re gone!