Another exciting week at Java Momma let’s get you caught up with the Java Momma Roundup!

New Cookout Spice Collection

Cookout Collection SKU

It’s Time for a Cookout! The Java Momma Spice rack just grew. Grab this grilling essentials seasoning pack and cover all the bases. Meat, Chicken, Fish, and veggies! You got it? Let’s grill it.

$54.99 includes all 7 bottles and shipping!
This set won’t last long, so fire up the coals, and don’t forget to send us an invite!

–Kansas City BBQ
Kansas City is considered by many to be the “BBQ Capital of the World” We recommend 1 tablespoon of rub per pound of meat or more. Rub in to both sides evenly and place in a sealed container and refrigerate for 4-48 hours. For real KC style, slather with a tangy, sweet sauce in the last few minutes of cooking.
Here’s a great sauce recipe:

Ingredients: Paprika, garlic, salt, sugar, coriander, cumin, mustard, black pepper, celery, thyme, sage, clove, oregano.

–Honey Habanero Rub
The sweet honey says hello with a rush of habanero heat followed by paprika’s steadying presence with garlic and sweet onion. This blend finishes with a little bit of citrus and a halo of smoke. Use 1 T per pound of chicken or pork; on fish or shrimp use about ½ T. Stir into warmed marmalade that’s been thinned with water as a dip for meatballs or creamy goat cheese. Sprinkle over bacon and cook in the oven. Toss with olive oil over old bread for croutons, or toss over strips of tortilla and toast for a chili topping. Mix with soy sauce and ginger for a dipping sauce for egg rolls. Season French fries, or make a sweet-heat cereal snack mix.

Ingredients: Granulated honey, orange, paprika, habanero, garlic, salt, and onion

–Texas Chicken Rub
Use as a Rub before grilling or sprinkle on cooked chicken for a subtler flavor. 1 T per pound of meat on both sides with a 4-24 hour marinate time will result in smoky-sweet chicken. Great for rotisserie!

Ingredients: Salt, paprika, garlic, mustard, black pepper, bay leaves.

–Cow Tippin Steak Seasoning
A good steak doesn’t need much to make it perfect. Use 1-2 teaspoons per pound on cold steak then let it come to room temp for 30-60 minutes. Lightly season again right before cooking. Our favorite method is a regular old skillet over high heat. Cook for 2 minutes then turn for another 3-5 minutes depending on your preference. Finish by topping with butter and letting rest for 10 minutes before cutting. You have now made the perfect steak. To get a juicy steak when cooking out, use a cast-iron skillet!

Ingredients: Paprika, garlic, onion, salt, black pepper, thyme, white pepper, oregano, and de Arbol.

–Burger Blast
Your burgers have found their new best friend. Add a little into the mix while forming your patties and sprinkle on about an hour before cooking. Try adding a little right about midway through cooking, too. Experiment! This is your show. The Grains of Paradise in this blend may not be familiar, but will quickly become a staple in your cooking.

Ingredients: Brown sugar, salt, grains of paradise, onion, garlic, paprika, rosemary, mustard, oregano, marjoram.

–Corn on the Cob Seasoning
This blend delivers in all the ways. Mellow, zest, citrus, sweet, texture, and crunch. Slather steamed corn with butter and sprinkle on this magic in a bottle. Use liberally on cornbread or mac & cheese before baking. Top veggies before roasting or as a finisher on salads. A great twist on a Caprese salad. Wanna try on meat? Go ahead. We do.

Ingredients: Salt, orange zest, black pepper, and paprika.

–Flippin the Bird
Salt-free, this blend is great for roasting, grilling, and brining! Use in your flour mixture for fried chicken. It’s low heat and kid-friendly, but sooo full of flavor. It’s great on pork, veggies, for dips and dressings!

Ingredients: Paprika, onion, lemon, honey, sage, marjoram, ancho, black pepper, pasilla, celery, garlic, and cumin.

New Artisan Teas

Artisan Tea Shop SKU
Java Momma has a new Artisan Tea Shop!

Some you may have seen in collections and some will be exclusive to the shop. These will be offered while supplies last, so check back often and see what is new!!

Now in Cold Brew

Mango Tango Green Art
The aromatics of green tea and mango will have you dancing with delight with this tropical honeyed tea.
Cream first or tea? It makes no difference when it’s cold brew! A beautiful black Ceylon tea with a touch of cream flavor so luxurious you won’t believe it’s real.
Berry Berry Boom
Other fruit teas need not apply. Perfect any time of day, the refreshing sweet explosion of berries and spicy currants have dropped the mic!
Chocolate Summer Art
No frills and all the chills in this bittersweet chocolate coffee vacation. Straight-up coffee paired with a special cocoa flavor infusion will make you wish for an endless summer.
Raspberry Creme Silk SKU
Raspberries and creme swirled into chocolate silk for a luxurious and smooth flavored cold brew. Try adding a little sweet cream for the ultimate iced coffee drink.
time and space cold brew
Nine hundred years of time and space and we’ve never met anybody who wasn’t important. With this dark roast hinting of cinnamon and tropical nuts, you will be ready to Caffeinate! Caffeinate! Caffeinate!

New Pot Shop Items

We’re constantly adding new items to the Pot Shop so make sure you check in regularly!

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April Showers bring May flowers, so bring it on! We have a limited supply of our adorable stainless steel umbrella infusers for you to scoop up! Only while supplies last.