It’s a brand new month and we have a whole bunch of new goodies at Java Momma – check out what’s new this week!

New July Subscription Boxes Released

All of our July subscriptions have been released – order now and they will be sent out in July!

mug july 1
picks july 1
Sips July 1

The Spice Rack is stocked!

We’ve added lots of new spices to the Momma’s Spice rack. We regularly add new things to this category so make sure you check it out!

Honey Chipotle Rub SKU
Buffalo Wing Rub SKU

The Candy Man Collection

Who can make a rainbow?  The Candy Man! Can you believe it’s been 50 years since the release of the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Movie?  We’ve wrapped up some truly scrumptious candy-flavored coffees to celebrate! 

How about we celebrate with some golden tickets from Java Momma?  Over the next few weeks, we will be slipping in golden tickets randomly into The Candy Man Box orders!  Some will contain gift certificates and some will be for one of our coveted Java Momma Stoneware mugs.  We won’t stop at 5, but you must post a photo of the ticket and tag us on social media to claim your prize!  

Post must be a public post!  Tag @javamommainc on IG and FB and let us know you got the GOLDEN TICKET!  

The Candy man Collection from Java Momma

Golden Egg 
“I want some coffee. I want the toffee and chocolate coffee, and I want it now!” Don’t worry, Veruca. You’ll get it. Salted caramel toffee with dark chocolate. Anything for you!

The Beauregard 
You won’t turn violet when you sip the flavor of fresh blueberries in a sweet syrup wrapped in fried dough. This donut-flavored coffee is just right.

Gum Drops 
Fruity and delicious! Talk about your coffee wishes! Raspberries, lemons, blueberries, strawberries, and oranges plucked from our rainbow garden and swirled into a wonderland of candy-flavored coffee.

Scrumptious Chocomallow 
Chocolate and marshmallow, what a wondrous gift! Pour these flavors in a coffee and it’s the best of them all; from a mallow-lovers perspective. ~~signed, Grandpa Joe.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

A new mystery box has arrived!

How Does Your Garden Grow SKU

A box of bees and flowers and herbs and cuteness. Joy, kindness, love, and gratitude. Do you feel it? Fun decor and a bag of our special Bee Bold coffee fill this box with a truckload of happiness.

Each box comes with a 1/2 lb bag of auto-drip coffee or 8 single-serve cups.

$49.99 includes shipping!

Bee Bold: This bean is oh so special.  We used a special roast to bring out the sweetness, molasses, and earthy chocolate notes.  Be sweet, but be bold.  Don’t be afraid to go the distance.

Receive either 1/2 pound auto drip or 8 single serves of coffee.