What’s new at Java Momma this week?

We’ve had another fun week at Java Momma and it all started on Monday with a new selection of tea drops and cold brew teas in the Tea Shop.

Steeping Bags

You asked, we delivered! Skull Sunrise steeping bags are now available. They are perfect for coffee when you are travelling or just because you love the brewing with no mess, no fuss!

Skull Sunrise Coffee steeping bags from java momma
Skull sunrise steeping bags coffee from Java Momma

Dunk this bag of coffee gold in hot water for 1 minute and you have a glorious cup of coffee, just like that!

These are good for multiple steeps!  

Box contains 5 individually wrapped Skull Sunrise Steeping bags.

Skull Sunrise:
Savor this beautiful blend of South American coffees from the largest coffee producers in the world. Beans from Brazil and Colombia mean this stellar blend will help you rise from the dead! OK, not really, but it will wake you up!

Did someone say pie?

Momma’s Pie Pantry has been stocked!

Java Momma Pie Pantry coffee collection - apple dumpling, raspberry peach melba, chocolate mousse pie and pumpkin marshmallow latte tart coffee flavors

Momma’s Pie Pantry Pack

$49.99 (includes shipping)

Momma’s Pie Pantry

It’s time for picnics and pies! Cream pies, fruit pies, yummy tarts, and dumplings. Let’s roll all those flavors into a new coffee pack and win all the state fair competitions! Chocolate Mousse Pie, Cayenne Caramel Apple Dumpling, Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte Tart, and a Raspberry Peach Melba. Having coffee and pie never sounded so good!

Chocolate Mousse Pie 
Lighter than air chocolate mousse on a sweet chocolate cookie crust piled high with whipped cream

Cayenne Caramel Apple Dumpling 
Lovely tart apples wrapped in a flakey crust with vanilla-cayenne caramel drizzle

Raspberry Peach Melba 
Baked peaches and raspberries topped with a brown sugar streusel

Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte Tart 
Pumpkin fluff baked in a tart and topped with brûléed marshmallows

Back for the Weekend

Available until Midnight on Sunday the 27th June!

Bring it Back Duo with Beignet and Sally's Almond Tart Coffee flavors from Java Momma