They’re Back!! Summer Favorites

Down by the sea.  Our favorite treats from your favorite summer hangout.  This collection of goodies is inspired by days at the pier, the Ferris wheel, and all the treats you could eat. 
Bases Loaded
The boys of summer are back!
Our Teams, our hot dogs, that crack of the bat. Now, if we only knew the names of the players…

Java Momma Made Artisan Mugs and Scoop

These special collector mugs and scoops were hand crafted for Java Momma using our very own coffee beans.

Happy Little Beans

Look who dropped by! This happy little mystery box will inspire the artist in everyone!

Summer in a glass

A wake-up call to the senses! The aroma and the flavor, oh my! Premium Taiwan oolong tea and grapefruit is great anytime you need a light, citrus-infused pick-me-up. Zesty and warming, full bodied and a slightly dry finish. Refreshingly aromatic. How was that for a mouthful of descriptors?

Weekend specials – you can catch these until Midnight Eastern June 20

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