It has been a HUGE week at Java Momma – we’ve opened up the gates and released the individual flavors from our top selling boxes. Now you can grab your favorites all on their own.

Foo Foo Trio

Get your favorite foo foo coffees – pinkies up!

Coffee Cookies & Cream is never the wrong choice. The flavor of sweet cream with chocolate wafers might just change your life. 
Classic Cocoa flavor with a whisper of vanilla takes this Chocolate Cappuccino coffee to a new level.
Melted Hazelnut spread and Rich Cocoa flavors are an indulgence you didn’t know you were missing. 

JQ Flavors

You can now grab your JQ flavors individually!

Java Momma and Chill

Time to chill with your favorites!

June Picks now available

Our June Momma’s Picks are now available in individual flavors

A highly funded, yet unofficial Java Momma Dark roast.  The mission: to roast and deliver the best air-roasted coffee on Earth.  Floral and complex with hints of black currant and chocolate, this is the best, last, and only coffee you’ll crave today. 
For nearly 500 years, man has searched for the best coffee.  Creamy caramel and Kahlua will take you on an adventure to discover the cup of a lifetime. Trust me.  
Life is like a cup of coffee that tastes like a box of chocolates.  A box of white chocolate cherry truffles wrapped in milk chocolate and drizzled in dark chocolate ganache.  Cherries and chocolate go together like peas and carrots.

More New Releases

We didn’t stop there! There are new monthly boxes, spices and teas to check out so make sure you check out the category pages to see what’s new!

We are updating our payment processing security - you will need to update your default payment details in order for payments to process - subscriptions will not run automatically unless this is done.

All new customer subscriptions will receive a bonus mug or tumbler in the first box!

Did you know all our coffee is small-batch roasted to order? Our normal order production time is 7-10 business days. It's totally worth the wait!