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Cold Brew Wizarding Quartet

School’s out for Summer, but we’ve put a spell on your Wizarding House Coffees for the hotter weather! Get all 4 House Coffees (2 pods each) in the limited set. Includes Shipping!

Receive 8 total pods. 2 of each flavor.

Gryffindark – Loyal, brave, daring, and adventurous are the true traits of this dark blend. Sweet, coconutty, and roasted to perfection make this coffee the unlikeliest of heroes.

Ravendream – Clever, witty, and intellectual are the traits of this coffee. This creative sweet cream is the dream coffee that will make you a loyal raven.

Hufflenut – Hard-working, loyal, patient, and dedicated are the traits of this coffee. Toasty, nutty, sweet, and pure of heart make this coffee anyone’s champion.

Slytherberry – Ambitious, cunning, proud, and resourceful are the traits of this coffee. Lightly sweet with a bit of tart means this coffee can compete with the best of all the berry coffees.

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