We are cleaning up….

The warehouse

We need to make room for lots of new goodies coming in for the end of the year so we have reduced the price on select mystery boxes and brought back our close out box!

Grab them while you can!

Beach life SKU

Happy Little Beans SKU

The clean up continues with brand new soaps in the body shop!

soap stack
Lavender, coffee and charcoal facial soap – Shop now

Cardamon Turkish Coffee

This one will delight your senses!

Turkish Caramom SKU
Turkish Cardamon Coffee has a rich layer of complexity that pairs well with this Brazil bean’s fruity profile.
Use in a French Press or manual dripper for best results.

It’s a new mystery box

It’s almost back to school time and you will be decked out with the best supplies from our new mystery box!

Back to School Mystery
Back to school? But it’s only July! We know! It’s never too early to get a head start. We have a box of goodies, artisan items, and branded supplies for you to jump to the head of the class! We are including 2021 edition World Famous Smart Cookie Coffee, so don’t miss it!

Our 2021 Year Book Edition of Smart Cookie Coffee is a baked delight of cinnamon graham, nuts, and creme.

$49.99 includes Surprise items plus 1/2 lb or 8 single-serve cups of Smart Cookie Coffee.

The Christmas in July frenzy continues!

We brought back two of our favorite Christmas collections – available for a limited time. You can buy the packs and save or you can grab your favorite individual flavors.

A Coffee Story Set SKU
We’ve taken the train and hopped in the station wagon. Now it’s time to settle in at home and tell a Christmas Story. One with fudge, sweet coffee, and a bold shot in the eye. Don’t forget your bunny suit!
Christmas Cookies set SKU
Up your cookie exchange game this year and serve coffee with a cookie twist.