Happy New Year! Here’s what’s new this week at Java Momma.

Great coffee follows a code: quality, flavor, and freshness. Explore the JM galaxy with this duo true to the Java Momma Way.

Return of the Clone 

One sip and you’ll see why this special blend of vanilla and nutty notes stands apart. This bean has risen to rule with flavor.

Bounty Hunter 

A special blend full of smoky notes for the weary traveler and flavor hunter.

You can drink it warm or you can drink it cold. This is the Java Momma Way.

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Have you considered starting your very own business in the new year? Maybe you want to join Java Momma for the discount, or you want to build a team and take over the world, one cuppa at a time!Now is the best time to do it. Our Influencer Kit is half-price!!! Join to build a business. Join for the discount. Join to become a part of the Java Momma family and something bigger than yourself. Join for YOU – anyway you want to.

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Brand New Hostess Rewards Program

We launched a new rewards program and for the month of January we’ve doubled it!

January Double Rewards

Now Available!

Cookies and Cream SKU
Cookies and Cream
Chocolate cookies meet a sweet cream filing for a classic taste in one delicious coffee.
Thank you for being a friend SKU
We’ve traveled down the road and now it’s time to retire to Florida. Don’t forget to bring a floppy hat and big shoulder pads!
Four coffee flavors inspired by our favorite golden ladies.
We brewed the flavor of tangy zabaglione Italian custard into a cup of coffee just for Sophia.
Smooth and sweet like a good southern caramel coffee should be.
You have Chocolate Cheesecake? This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
The famous Genurken-flürken cake is Americanized with some cinnamon apples. Go ahead and blow your own vertubenflugen. Rose would be proud.
Choose your pack size. Pick 2 limited coffees for $27.99 (decaf $30.99) and then add on up to 2 more! Includes shipping.
Additional bags are $13.50 each/$15.50 decaf
1/2 lb bags or 8 single-serve cups of each flavor.