Java Bowl is back for 2022!

Java Bowl

Did someone say half-caff?

Night Owl K Cup
Colombian Medium roast coffee blended with Colombian Decaffeinated coffee create the perfect half-caff brew. Bright acidity and citrusy notes with the undertones of caramel create a smooth sip and only half the caffeine.
This decaf is run through a natural decaffeination process with sugar local to the farms in Colombia. This process helps preserve the flavor and give it a smooth finish.

It’s Cookie Season!

Java Scouts Set 2

Love is in the Air

Valentine Coffee Set SKU
Valentine Tea Set SKU

Welcome to the Java Momma Love Shack! We’ve assembled a lovely collection of pampering items to make your stay memorable! Give this as a gift or gift one to yourself! Includes shipping and two coffee samples or a tea and heart infuser (infuser not pictured).

Book of Love and Indulge 2 ounce coffees


All that Razz Tea and Heart Infuser

Each sample is a 2-ounce bag.

$34.99 Shipping Included