Another busy week at Java Momma!

Let them eat Cake. Or rather, let them drink king cake coffee! Let’s get Jazzy with a new Mardi Gras Duo! $22 includes shipping!

King Cake
Party New Orlean’s Style with the sugary frosted cinnamon flakey cakey goodness of a king cake in a coffee.

Imagine the perfect morning; sitting on a balcony overlooking the French Quarter with a book, a beignet, and a steaming cup of coffee. Confetti and beads litter the street below. Close your eyes and taste the fluffy cake dusted with powdered sugar in your cup.

Cereal in Your Coffee?

The classic combination of cinnamon and sugar on buttery toast poured into our best Java Momma Coffee.

Inspired by our award-winning Barista, Lisa W!

You asked we answered!

Mini Tea Sample Bag


Build your very own custom Java Momma Tea Mini Bag!
Can’t decide on teas? We got you covered!

Choose four different sample 1/2 ounce teas

Shipping Included

The contents of a leprechaun’s pint glass aren’t always green and bubbly.  Java O’Momma keeps her shamrockin’ blend a closely held secret and trades it to these tricksters just a few weeks each year.  The creamy vanilla and mint is a legend among these wee folk and could be just the bait you’ll need to trap them for their pot of gold. 

Plenty of new flavors to keep you brewing! See you next week.

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