Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Java Momma!

The week that was at Java Momma

There’s a new duo in town.

Time and Space

Nine hundred years of time and space and we’ve never met anybody who wasn’t important. With this dark roast hinting of cinnamon and tropical nuts, you will be ready to Caffeinate! Caffeinate! Caffeinate!

Faire Lady

How stands the hour, good madam? I be parched and long for a satisfying drink. The flavor of fine almonds dipped in chocolate is a classic brew that will quench the thirst of any villager. Huzzah!

The Java Momma Creative team has inspired our latest Duo; Fair Lady and Time & Space. Classic and unique at the same time, this pair transcends time…and space.

Was it the Professor in the Library?

Who done it?

Someone spilled the Cappucino! We’ve assembled the usual suspects and need your help to find the culprit! Drink these flavors straight up or try steaming some milk and making your own cappuccinos!  Shipping is included!
Receive a 4 oz bag of each coffee or 4 single-serve cups.

Professor Blackberry Forest Cake
He’s too smart and sweet for his own good. Blackberries and dark chocolate cake flavored coffee. Sinful.

Colonel Chocolate Banana Split
Perfectly Ripe Bananas Drizzled with a uniform coating of chocolate. It’s perfect. A little TOO perfect.

Mr. Assorted Nuts
Add all the toasted nut flavors in a cup of coffee and confuse them. Throw them off the trail.

Miss Peaches & Cream
Georgia Peaches and a bowl of cream. What? Who me? It can’t be! Coffee never tasted so southern.

Mrs. Cherry Almond Cookie
Classic and unassuming, yet bold and unforgettable. The kind of coffee that is noticed across a room.

Madame Mocha
Chocolate and coffee with the slightest hint of a creamy layer on top. Wait a minute. We may be closing in on a suspect.

Retiring this week – get them while you can!

We’re saying goodbye to some of our mystery boxes this week.

Now available in Individual Flavors

Our February Picks are now available in individual flavors, make sure to grab your favorite before they disappear!

Earthy chocolate, tart cherries, and smooth coffee are the perfect excuse. Go ahead. Indulge.
Espresso soaked almond biscotti, cream, and tangy mascarpone flavors layered in a rich cup of coffee.
Toast yourself with Java Momma’s take on a Brandy Alexander. Smooth Creme de Cacao, cream, and hints of brandy flavor.

See you next week!

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