It’s been another busy week at Java Momma with lots of new releases to help fill your coffee and tea dreams!

Wide Open Spaces Artisan Tea Collection
Whether you travel by horse, covered wagon, station wagon, or air stream, always leave things better than when you found them. That is our camper’s creed. Take along this collection of beautiful morning teas and ride off into the sunset a happy camper. Yeehaw!

This round-up of artisan teas includes 1-ounce bags of Hill Country Hiker, Apple Jack, and Texas BBQ!

New August Duo

Marshmallows go with chocolate and chocolate goes with mint. Just like these two favorites from our core line make the perfect pair for our August Duo. Includes 1/2 lb bag or 8 single-serve cups of Toasted Marshmallow Coffee and a 2-ounce bag of our Cocomint Loose Leaf Tea.

$20 includes shipping!

Picks now available individually

A smooth single-origin Colombian coffee, medium roasted to perfection. Be the king of the road with your aviators and live the Java Momma dream.
Are you even camping if you don’t have a fire, an iron skillet, and some cherry hand pies? Fried dough, cherry pie filling, and chocolate chips just to be extra.
You love the outdoors, but you love your air-conditioning even more. Roughing it is easy with the smooth creme and coffee liqueur flavors in a fancy travel mug.

Taming of the Brew
“If I be waspish, best beware my sting”– Katharine.
A fair apple pie is a temptress to even the staunchest of characters.
Warm apples in a sweet syrup topped with light cream and a dash of cinnamon.

Midsummer’s Night Bean
And though it be but little, it is fierce. Oh, the coffee bean. A limited single-source Colombian bean that is bright and sweet with molasses notes bursting just under the surface.

Much ado about Nothbean
Oh, dear coffee, “When you depart from me sorrow abides and happiness takes his leave.”
Caramel is worth all the ado when the cup is empty. For the sweet and tangy caramel, one must always go for a second serving.

To Bean or Not to Bean
That may be the question, but we know the answer! It’s always to bean! Beans enhanced with nutty flavors and vanilla creme. Trust your inner monologue…drink more coffee.

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