We’ve had another huge week at Java Momma so let’s get you caught up!

Half Price Influencer Kit

That’s right the Influencer Kit is discounted by 50% through the 30th of April! Everything you need to get started as a Java Momma Barista is included in the kit – this is a great opportunity!

May the 4th Box

May the fourth
Your favorite galaxy flavors are back to celebrate May the Fourth

Jawesome is here to stay!

We added the extremely popular Jawesome to our permanent line. Now you can buy it all year around!

Everyone needs a little Foo Foo in their lives!

We welcomed the Foo Foo Trio this week. Cafe inspired flavors for when you’re feeling a little fancy!

foo foo trio small

Nothing like sitting in your local coffee shop soaking up the atmosphere and the aroma while you sip on your favorite coffee drink.  Let’s bring that experience home with our new Foo Foo Trio!  Each is delicious on its own, or use them to create your own mochachocolattedeedada drinks.  Yes, that is a real word.  

CC Affogato Coffee
Cookies & Cream is never the wrong choice.  The flavor of sweet cream with chocolate wafers might just change your life.  Try over a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a classic Affogato!

Chocolate Haze Mocha Coffee
Melted Hazelnut spread and Rich Cocoa flavors are an indulgence you didn’t know you were missing.  Perfect straight up, or elevate your game with some steamed milk for a next level MOCHA! 

Cocoaccino Coffee
Classic Cocoa flavor with a whisper of vanilla takes this Chocolate Cappucino coffee to a new level.1/2 pound bag or 8 single-serve cups of each flavor

$39.99 includes shipping!

Individual Flavors Released

The Trailblazer Individual flavors are now available!


New Items in Spice Rack and Pot Shop

Make sure you check in on the new additions to our specialty ranges we’re always adding new things!

Spice Rack
pot shop