Who Done It?


Who Done it? Mix and match 2,3,4!

Someone spilled the Cappuccino! We’ve assembled the usual suspects and need your help to find the culprit! Drink these straight up or try making your own cappuccinos!

This case can only be cracked by you! Each order will receive a card full of clues. Follow the trail of clues on your card and enter your guesses! We will choose a random winner from each week’s entries on April 28, May 5, 12, and 19. A Super Sleuth Winner will be chosen on May 26th from all entries and the Culprit will be revealed! Scroll down for entry details! 

Receive a 1/2 lb bag of each chosen flavor or 8 single-serve cups. Decaf is available for an additional charge. 

Professor Blackberry Forest Cake

He’s too smart and sweet for his own good. Blackberries and dark chocolate cake flavored coffee. Sinful.

Colonel Chocolate Banana Split

Perfectly Ripe Bananas Drizzled with a uniform coating of chocolate. It’s perfect. A little TOO perfect.

Mr. Assorted Nuts

Add all the toasted nut flavors in a cup of coffee and confuse them. Throw them off the trail.

Miss Peaches & Cream

Georgia Peaches and a bowl of cream. What? Who me? It can’t be! Coffee never tasted so southern.

Mrs. Cherry Almond Cookie

Classic and unassuming, yet bold and unforgettable. The kind of coffee that is noticed across a room.

Madame Mocha

Chocolate and coffee with the slightest hint of a creamy layer on top. Wait a minute. We may be closing in on a suspect.

Weekly winners will receive a $20 Java Momma Gift Certificate

Super Sleuth winner will receive June’s Ultimate Box and a $20 Gift Certificate!

No purchase is necessary to enter. Clue cards and entry instructions will be included with each purchase of this set. No purchase guesses may be mailed to Java Momma Inc. Attn Contest 1426 Ferry St Suite 102 Danville, PA 17821 Entries must be received by May 15th, 2022.

Cards included with orders will have a QR code to scan that will take you to the online entry form. 

Limited Amounts Remain

Receive 2-ounce mystery tea and an adorable character infuser for $22.  Includes shipping!
Choose from Teddy Bear, Rose, Strawberry, or Bunny
Kitty and Ducky sold out. 
Colors May vary
Flamingo%20Stand%20Tall SKU
Flamingo%20Mugs Web

Stand Tall with our original cold brew blend and a surprise Flamingo Mug

Receive 4 Stand Tall Cold Brew Pods and a Flamingo Mug!

Shipping included!

Stand Tall:

A delicious and robust blend we specially concocted to brew cold. Pour over ice and add a little cream if you’d like. Flamingos never ask for permission.

The mug will vary!