Your favorite cookies have been transformed into coffee!

Java Scout

It’s Cookie Time…oh we mean Coffee… Who else is obsessed with these cookies. Well now we have our own scouts.. the Java Scouts. We have cookie flavored coffee and we are so excited to see what fun you have with these. Get them individually or in a set!
Cookie Quartet set
Get your orders in quick! Java Momma herself baked up some coffee cookie combos that will satisfy your worst craving, but keep your resolutions on track. This limited box has one of each flavor to tame the cookie monster in us all. Better yet, let that cookie beast loose and pair these delights with a box or two from your favorite cookie dealer. You’ve earned it.
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Take a sweet vanilla cookie, dunk it in chocolate, drizzle it with caramel, then roll it in coconut. Are you getting the picture? Now, turn that into a steaming cup of Java Momma’s finest coffee and you’ll be singing take me down to Cocomoa all day long. The islands are closer than you think.
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For the last 100 years toasted marshmallows, perfectly gooey and not burnt, with a slab of chocolate that’s been sandwiched between two sweet Graham crackers have been a summer staple. Java Momma thinks summer shouldn’t get to have all the fun. Sip a cup and you’ll want s’more!!
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Minty Thin
Who can stop at just one…cup? When Java Momma blended mint with the rich chocolate undertones of this marvelous medium roast coffee, a new tradition was born. Keep a bag at work. Keep a bag at home. Hide one from the kids. We won’t tell if you don’t want to share.
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A shortbread by any other name would still taste as sweet. Coffee with the buttery goodness of a traditional shortbread cookie and an added bonus of a drop of caramel. Holy cookie Moly! Subtle and sweet, it’s simplicity is surprising.
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