What is Hyperwallet?

Hyperwallet is the electronic account where all your commissions and bonuses are deposited. You can then transfer funds from your Hyperwallet to your compensation card or up to two bank accounts.

What is a compensation card?

Once you receive your first commission over $5.00, you will receive an email to have your compensation put on your compensation card (debit/pre-paid card) OR you can choose to have your compensation directly deposited into your bank account.

Do I have to use Hyperwallet to receive my commissions and bonuses?

Yes and no.  Hyperwallet is the only way to receive your commissions and bonuses onto your Java Momma branded pay-card OR into the bank account that you have set up.  You can choose to also keep funds in your Skywallet account (which you have access to in the back office) to pay for orders through your Barista portal.  With Skywallet (back office), you can use the funds there to also transfer money to another barista or a customer.  Once the money is in Skywallet, you CAN NOT transfer it out to your Java Momma debit card or your bank account.

Who administers the Hyperwallet account?

Java Momma contracts with a third party to administer commission and bonus funding through the US. Our provider offers a Java Momma-specific customer support team and website (https://javamomma.hyperwallet.com) for Baristas, which ensures great service and support for all Baristas, regardless of where they live.

How do I activate my Java Momma Hyperwallet?

Your Hyperwallet is created when you set up your Skywallet account & receive your first commission. Once your Hyperwallet has been created, you’ll receive an account activation email from Hyperwallet with a link to begin the activation process. For a detailed overview check out this PDF

What if I haven’t received my account activation email?

After verifying that your Skywallet account has been set up, go to https://javamomma.com/pay and click on Resend Activation Email.

When will my Hyperwallet account be funded with commissions and bonuses?

Hyperwallet accounts are funded on the Friday after weekly commissions are run. If the Friday falls on a weekend or holiday, the Hyperwallet account will be funded the next business day. Leadership bonuses are funded monthly on the first Friday of the first full week of the month.

Is there a fee?

Yes, there is a $1.75 fee a month, only in the month you have a payout. The fee that comes out comes out with your last commission of the month

Will I still be paid my commissions and bonuses if I don’t activate my Hyperwallet account and compensation card?

Yes. Your commissions and bonuses will be funded to your Skywallet account regardless of whether your Hyperwallet card has been activated. However, you’ll need to activate your account to access your funds or transfer them to your checking or savings account. If your Hyperwallet is not set up and commissions run, ALL the money will be placed into Skywallet in the back office.  It CAN NOT be transferred back to your Java Momma debit card or your bank account.

Can I use Hyperwallet if I don’t have a bank account?

Yes. You can set up automatic transfers to your compensation card and use it like a debit card or prepaid card.

Can I automatically transfer funds from Hyperwallet to my bank account?

Yes! The Auto Transfer feature will allow you to automatically transfer funds from your Hyperwallet to your compensation card and/or up-to two registered bank accounts. Once you’ve set it up, the transfer will happen automatically every deposit.

How long does it take for funds to be available?

Funds cashed out to the compensation card will typically be available within a few hours. Funds cashed out to a linked bank account will typically be available within three to five business days. Since bank policies vary, be sure to check with your bank to determine how long you can expect to wait before accessing funds.

Can I access the Hyperwallet from my mobile device?

Yes. The Hyperwallet website is mobile-friendly

  • Check your Hyperwallet balance
  • Check your compensation card balance
  • View your transaction history, or
  • Initiate transfers to previously saved bank accounts.

Please note: Using the mobile website is subject to the data rates charged by your mobile service provider. Java Momma is not responsible for these charges.

Does Java Momma have access to my password?

Go to www.javamomma.com/pay click on Forgot Your Password? and follow the prompts. Make sure you use the email address you used to enroll with Java Momma before attempting to reset your password.

Can I pay for orders directly from my Skywallet account?


Who can I contact if I have questions or need assistance using my Hyperwallet?

Please contact support or go to www.javamomma.com/pay for customer support phone numbers.