Howl at the Moon Spritzer

Serves: 4
Time: 15 minutes

12 oz. Raspberry Fruit Syrup (I used Smuckers)
Red Food coloring, a few drops, optional
16 oz. steeped Blood Orange Moon Tea
8 oz. of your favorite Sparkling Beverage
Orange peel

In a saucepan, over low-medium heat, reduce your fruit syrup (with food coloring, optional) to half. Cool and pour into a squeeze bottle fir use. Steep the Blood Orange Tea according to package directions. Cool.
In a lowball glass, place ice. Drizzle your thickened fruit syrup along inside rim of glass. Pour 4 oz. of Blood Orange Tea into each glass and top with 2 oz. of your sparkling beverage. Finish with a twist of orange peel and Enjoy!