Cinnamon. Apple Pie. Coffee Cake, all swirled together….

Does anything say ‘Fall’ more than apple pie and cinnamon?

We have a new favorite fall recipe; Cinnamon Apple Pie Swirl Coffee Cake.  Turn that into a coffee and oh my!  Cinnamon, brown sugar, with granny smith apples, mmm.  Top with the walnut tones in the coffee and bam!  

This is the recipe that inspired our newest favorite featured in November’s Momma’s Picks! Toasty Walnuts and sweet apples top a scrumptious cinnamon coffee cake. Can you imagine the aroma?

Cinnamon Apple Pie Swirl Coffee Cake

cinnamon apple pie flavor in Autumn Skies and Apple Pies, November 2020 Momma's picks flavors