Java Momma is committed to changing lives, making a difference.  We have something life-changing to bring to you today.  Up-cycled artisan crafts from Nicaragua.

Java Momma has partnered with a global non-profit organization to bring you some of the finest products you will see, those of which are intertwined with deep love and faith.

These artisans turn unused coffee bags, coffee tree trimmings, leather and clay into beautiful, sustainable and useful products that you will be proud to own. Thier mission statement is “Bringing good to the world can only happen through amazing people. From the origin of coffee beans all the way to the coffee drinker, there are people all along the value chain whose lives and communities are being impacted by the coffee industry. We’ve set out to meet these people, create dignity for their crafts, and let the world know about them.”

Inventory changes daily.