Becoming a USDA Certified Organic operation is no easy process.  There are a number of criteria the company must meet in order to be USDA certified organic.  To maintain the seal, the operation must be certified annually, have proper labeling, and provide a supply chain for their food handling and sourcing.  But what does it mean to be organic and why would a company want to jump through all of these hoops?  Being Certified Organic is better for the environment and the economy.

Research shows that organic farmers conserve water and energy more than non certified organic farmers.  Additionally, it increases soil health and biodiversity.  The economy grows because there is high consumer demand for Certified Organic products.  The organic farmers are eligible for funding and assistance.  They support local economies and receive a premium for their products.  It’s also better for our health.  Less pesticides – fresher food.  From farm to table faster.