MYTH: CBD Coffee will get me high!
BUSTED: Nope, it actually won’t!

Why? The whole-plant CBD extract that our suppliers infuse into our coffee is hemp derived, and while it does contain trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis that gets you high, there isn’t nearly enough to actually get you high.

The extract is diluted hundreds of times when it is absorbed into the coffee beans, and thanks to that, our coffee typically contains less than 0.01% THC by weight – firmly below the federal allotment, and safely below an active dose of THC. Plus, you’re brewing the coffee, not just eating the whole beans. So when brewed, the THC in our gourmet coffee is practically untraceable.

MYTH: The CBD in My Coffee Will Affect the Caffeine
TRUTH: It will! In a positive way!

Yes, our gourmet coffee does have the same amount of caffeine as a “normal” cup of coffee, about 95-105 milligrams per 8 oz cup. How will it affect me? The caffeine will absorb into your body just as quickly as usual (about 20 minutes), but it will also have a longer lasting effect too! Some of the caffeine in the beans absorb directly into the CBD oil. So, when you drink our gourmet coffee, it takes your body a little longer to metabolize the oils you consume compared to absorbing the coffee water, meaning you get a bit of a delayed onset of some of the caffeine in your coffee.

Did you know that caffeine is also oil-soluble? This means that when our supplier adds the CBD oil to the coffee, the combination of absorbing most of the caffeine rapidly and then metabolizing the rest slowly leads to a more balanced caffeine experience in that the coffee perks you up just as quickly but lasts a little longer – and people tend to avoid that “crash” that arrives in the early afternoon.

MYTH: CBD Coffee Will Make Me Fail A Drug Test
BUSTED: No one has reported failing a drug test after drinking our coffee!

As mentioned before, our gourmet coffee does contain a very, very small amount of THC. This is because our suppliers use a full-spectrum hemp extract, meaning that all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes that were in the hemp are retained in our extract, and thus in your coffee. But when brewed? The amount of THC in your delicious drink is practically untraceable!

There are a wide array of health benefits tied to many of the terpenes found in hemp extract, and significant research is being done into the potential wellness benefits of the cannabinoids themselves.

MYTH: CBD Will Make My Coffee Taste Strange
BUSTED: Nope, it’s still delicious!

Our suppliers spent years working to develop an infusion method that avoids spoiling the coffee with any chemicals, or other additives, and excessive handling. And we spent quite a while researching them to make sure they’re the real deal! Cannabidiol (CBD) is fat-soluble, like THC and all other cannabinoids. High-quality Arabica coffee beans are actually around 15% fat. So, the magic happens while they get the CBD and coffee oils to bind without ruining the coffee.

When coffee is roasted, those fats cook into oils that are excreted to the surface. They can even be seen on coffee beans. Fun fact, the darker the roast, the oilier the bean. When the beans come out of the roaster, these oils that have been expressed to the surface are very chemically active. This period, shortly after the roast, is perfect for making use of this natural coffee oil and CBD binding relationship. Our suppliers introduce the CBD oil right then and there – without the need for any icky chemical additives.

This process preserves the fantastic flavor profile of the gourmet coffee, and the coffee oils, which are extracted from the coffee grounds during brewing, making for an excellent delivery method for your body to absorb CBD.

Ready to give it a try?! Click here to shop now! We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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