Brazilian Coffee Basics

What comes to mind when you think about Brazil?  Rio? Soccer? This one country takes up almost half the continent of South America. 

Brazil is the world’s largest producer and exporter of coffee and has been for more than 150 years.  Over a third of all the coffee sold globally is from their fourteen growing regions.

What does this mean to you?  Not much. Just interesting tidbits as the backdrop of a Brazilian Coffee Love story…

Brazilian coffee is traditionally mild and low acid.  The undertones run through caramel to chocolate which results in a sweet flavor profile. 

It’s a perfect canvas for mixed coffee drinks and is a no-frills coffee straight from the carafe with no shock value; just a good cup of java.  

Java Momma has two blends that are singularly from Brazil;  

Different roasts of the same blend of beans produces different top flavors with the same sweet undertones. 

The medium roast is has a nutty taste, while the dark roast hints of cinnamon.  

Java Momma’s air roasting is gentle on the beans which allows the subtle flavors to shine without becoming overly bitter.  

The altitude, climate, variety of plant, maturity, and processing methods all play into the mild flavors of the beans. 

Different from Colombian beans; Brazil coffee is, for the most part, not grown on high-altitude farms. The climate is typically sunny after the harvest, so the beans are ‘naturally’ processed by sunbathing!  They still have their suits on, though.

The cherries (coffee fruit) are not shelled before processing, so the fruity flavor of the outer skin affects the overall taste after brewing. Every type of soil, level of moisture, days to harvest, and amount of husk left on during drying becomes part of the experience in your morning cup.

Smaller family farms do all this by hand, down to the separation of the beans by size and color.  

The beans we buy from Brazil are from the Santos region which boasts the richest and most popular beans. 

Anytime you go to a coffee shop and order a mixed coffee drink, it’s likely the espresso is made with a Brazilian blend.  Java Momma chooses the best beans from the best sources to bring you the best coffee. Boom.  

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