Well, the weather has been quite warm here, but I guess we should not be surprised as the groundhog did warn of an early spring. But this early? Hey, we will take it. So now that we are spring mode, it is time for Momma to release her Java Momma spring flavors and specials. These are limited edition flavors that no matter where you are located, you will quickly forget about winter…

Cookie Quartet (available starting February 2020)
Get your orders in quick! Java Momma herself baked up some coffee cookie combos that will satisfy your worst craving, but keep your resolutions on track. This limited box has one of each flavor to tame the cookie monster in us all. Better yet, let that cookie beast loose and pair these delights with a box or two from your favorite cookie dealer. You’ve earned it. SHIPPING INCLUDED

Flavors included:
Take a sweet vanilla cookie, dunk it in chocolate, drizzle it with caramel, then roll it in coconut.  Are you getting the picture? Now, turn that into a steaming cup of Java Momma’s finest coffee and you’ll be singing take me down to Cocoamoa all day long.  The islands are closer than you think.

For the last 100 years toasted marshmallows, perfectly gooey and not burnt, with a slab of chocolate that’s been sandwiched between two sweet Graham crackers have been a summer staple.  Java Momma thinks summer shouldn’t get to have all the fun. Sip a cup and you’ll want s’more!!

Minty Thin
Who can stop at just one…cup?  When Java Momma blended mint with the rich chocolate undertones of this marvelous medium roast coffee, a new tradition was born.  Keep a bag at work. Keep a bag at home. Hide one from the kids. We won’t tell if you don’t want to share.

A shortbread by any other name would still taste as sweet.  Coffee with the buttery goodness of a traditional shortbread cookie and an added bonus of a drop of caramel.  Holy cookie Moly! Subtle and sweet, it’s simplicity is surprising.

Java O’ Momma (available starting February 2020)
St. Patrick’s Day might not be considered spring, but hey, Momma makes the rules, and she said it’s one of our spring flavors. It’s not green, but it is awesome!

The contents of a leprechaun’s pint glass isn’t always green and bubbly.  Java O’Momma keeps her shamrockin’ blend a closely held secret and trades it to these tricksters just a few weeks each year.  The creamy vanilla and mint is a legend among these wee folk and could be just the bait you’ll need to trap them for their pot of gold.

Alice in Wonderland Mystery Box (Preorder in April for May delivery)
Java Momma’s quote of the day, “I’m up like a lion, but then out like a lamb.”  She’s just like March; an early riser and go-getter. A garden planner, a tornado, then the gentle rain. Her days start out fierce, then she settles in for a peaceful sleep. This box has everything you need for a perfect March morning.  A mystery coffee, maybe some Daffodil bulbs, planting supplies, and other Spring goodies.  It’s time to get things done and then take the time to enjoy them.

Momma’s Picks (Preorder in April for May delivery)
A select variety of flavored premium coffee hand-picked by Java Momma herself. Get this box of freshly roasted coffee delivered straight to your door! Did we mention FREE SHIPPING! This box will ship on 5/10/2020. You will receive one-half pound of each flavor and a special gift you will not want to miss out on!

This month’s Limited Edition flavors include:
First Edition
Rare, coveted, original, precious.
At first glance, you didn’t know what you were holding.
The spiced rum cake story line kept you coming back.
Once you find something really special and top it with a caramel sauce, you’ll want to read it again and again.

Origin Story
One bean started it all
Green and underappreciated
Nurtured, cared for, developed
Soon sought after and put to the test
The beginning blended roast
The first Java Momma coffee story we ever told.

In the beginning there was vanilla and there was chocolate.
Vanilla has its own story arc; this one is about Chocolate.
Chocolate Undertones.  Chocolate Top Notes.
Milky Chocolate.  Dark Chocolate.  Bitter and sweet.
Flip through all the flavor pages and you’ll taste Chocolate.
It wasn’t a dream.

Single Serve comes with 8 cups for each flavor and is compatible with Keurig 1.0 and Keurig 2.0 machines.
*Available until last day of the month at 11:59 pm Eastern.

Momma’s Sips (Preorder in April for May delivery)
A select variety of flavored premium teas hand-picked by Java Momma herself. Get this box of exclusive teas delivered straight to your door every month. This box will ship 5/20/2020. You will receive a 2 oz bag of each flavor along with 10 tea bag filters.

This month’s limited-edition flavors include:
A Super Hero lives by tradition and honor with super abilities unseen in the everyday.  An elegant spirit mixed with a fierce drive.  Yerba mate tea is Java Momma’s very own SuperHero.  A Tropical Chai to balance your inner Zen and outer Warrior. Kablam!Ingredients: blended with yerba mate tea, green rooibos tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, orange, lemon grass, aniseed, mango pieces, natural spicy cinnamon flavor, natural almond flavor, pineapple pieces & papaya flavor.Bang Boom Pow Wham
First, it’s a black tea Bang, then a caramel Boom.  Throw in a chocolate and vanilla Wham and you are charged to take on your arch-nemesis: Mornings.  Pow! Shazam!.
Ingredients: blended with black tea, natural caramel flavor, cocoa nibs, natural vanilla flavor & natural chocolate flavor.Super Villain
You’re not the bad guy, just misunderstood.  You need care and love and the perfect water temp to be at your full potential.  Java Momma gets it.  High in the mountains is where your spirit was found, but then you got dissed as plain old’ green tea when you tried to share your sweet soul with the world. You’re just a smokey, mellow fellow deep down.  Plus, you look adorable in your curly little tea costume.
Ingredients: Fuji tight rolled green tea.

This product includes free shipping! Subscribe and save 10%

Available until the last day of the month at 11:59 pm Eastern. *Subscriptions are not party eligible.


Mug of the Month (Preorder in April for May delivery)
The Mug of the Month is an exclusive subscription box that will help you build your mug collection in no time. Get a new, high-quality mug delivered straight to your door every month.
This box will ship 5/3/2020:

The incredible superpowers of coffee

  • 11oz
  • dishwasher safe ceramic mug

Limited supply. Save 10% and Subscribe
Current mug available until last day of the month, 11:59 pm EST
*Subscriptions are not party eligible.

*Color of actual mug may vary slightly due to computer screen variations and the nature of ceramic ink, a 100% match cannot be guaranteed.

Tea Cup of the Month (Preorder in April for May delivery)
It’s Tea Time! May features a tea for one set

You asked and Java Momma answered! Get cozy with our new Tea Time box.
Each month you’ll receive an exclusive teacup and saucer.
Put the kettle on, raise that pinky, and make afternoon tea a thing.

This box will ship FREE 5/15/2020. Boxes can be purchased one time or get the subscription for 10% off. Photos shown are not indicative of the teacup you will receive. It is for example only. The design will be a fun surprise.

Easter Mystery Box LIMITED!! (Preorder in March for April delivery)
Baby chicks and tulips. Bunnies and Easter Bonnets. Colored eggs and new dresses! YES! Classic Spring flavors are hopping to town! Our Easter Mystery Box eggstra special coffees are sweet; just like you. You’ll receive one surprise ½ lb bag and loads of spring goodies to celebrate. Non-refundable and non-returnable.

**Mystery items may contain WHEAT, EGGS, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, and MILK and other ALLERGENS.

Cadbunny (available starting March 12)
OH those eggs! Your favorite Easter Bunny Egg treat has transformed into a Java Momma Classic! The Caramel Cream Egg Coffee we all crave is back! Don’t blink, though. You might miss it as it hops away!

Jelly Bean (available starting March 12)
Those yummy little sugar beans of bright colors never stay around long enough! This coffee is the same! Flavors of wild berries, fruits, and cream swirl together to keep the grumpiest of bunnies smiling. Try this one brewed hot or cold. Over ice, with milk, or straight up. Hippity Hop Hop… Thank you Jelly Java Momma!

Coffeeps (available starting March 12)
Why didn’t the bunny cross the road? It was a little chicken. Hey there, hop stuff. Java Momma wants you to know some bunny loves you and made the perfect spring treat: the flavor of sweet marshmallow fluff coated in sugar melted into a smooth medium roast. And yes, we know our puns are very bunny.

Jelly Bean Join Event (available starting March 16, 2020, through April 12, 2020)

Java Momma Join Special
When talking of bunnies and candy and Spring,
Coffee is not often in that group of things.
But just ask someone who loves Java Momma
$20 bucks is a deal! Great coffee and no drama.

Hurry and Hippity Hop to the website to get this great Jelly Bean Join Special. They’ll get two ½ pound bags of fresh roasted Java Momma coffee and our New Barista Workbook to help then start their business. We are direct sales done right and coffee done better.

2 mystery 1/2 lbs Coffee
Barista Workbook
Free Shipping

Java Momma Care Box (Available starting March 26 until supplies last)
Want to send a little JM Love? Java Momma made a little care package as the perfect way to reach out to teachers, friends, loved ones, and that lady down the street. Loaded with essentials like tissues, snacks and coffee, disinfectant sprays and wipes, games and other hard to find personal care products.

Did we mention Toilet Paper? You can send a hug JM style!

*Items will vary by box


Exotic Tiger (available starting 4/3/20 – LIMITED EDITION)
Hey all you cool Cats! Java Momma has a story to tell; an insanely good story. It’s bright and bold and full of orange and raspberry notes with wine undertones. There is only room for one king and one peaberry per bean in this limited roast, so bask in the aroma. Coffee people are nuts, man.

Java Momma and Chill Binge Box (available starting April 9)
Yes, Java Momma, we’re still watching.  Technology brings the shows, Jm brings the snacks.  The coffee snacks. The Java Momma Chill Binge box comes with 4 flavors of coffee:
J&Ms Chocolates
Rainbow Drops
Caramel Chocolate Dudes
Blue Ice Freezies

No Judgement, just good coffee.
Just for funsies, JM is throwing in a surprise movie treat…
Shhh!  No spoilers!

J&Ms Chocolates.
In this case, you won’t mind if the chocolate is melted.  Even with a sweet candy coating, the chocolate is still the star.  Milk chocolate and dark chocolate coffees notes are the buddy drama we’ve all been waiting for.  Go ahead, watch another episode and pour another cup.

Rainbow Drops
The kids are home and you’re so done with the Paw Explorer Super Princesses.  It’s cool. Put on some retros 80’s cartoons and brony up! Pour this rainbow in a cup and let the reruns keep on playing.

Caramel Chocolate Dudes
Dude.  Chocolate Covered Caramel candy in a bucket of buttered popcorn is the best movie theater snack ever.  Fight me. It’s messy, but still. You’re on your own for the popcorn, but we got the candy craving covered.

Blue Ice Freezies
What’s a movie without a brain freeze and a blue tongue?  The brain freeze will have to wait, but how about summer berry coffee? No drama here, just an action-packed sweet and tart cup of Java Momma magic.

Single Serve comes with 8 cups for each flavor and is compatible with Keurig 1.0 and Keurig 2.0 machines. Available in Auto Drip and Single Serve only. Decaf not available.

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